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Hariayama discusses about coming home and post-war life. He details about going to and his in Korea. Hirayama discusses about his employment and family.

Hirayama discusses his experiences with combat and the Lost Battalion. He details about the Champagne Campaign. Hirayama also discusses about his experiences in Germany and visiting Dachau.

Hariayama discusses about basic training. He details heading overseas, landing in Italy, and his experiences in Italy. Hariayama also discusses about his first combat experiences, his experiences in France, and his duties during combat.

Hiryama discusses about the aftermath from Pearl Harbor. He details about enlisting into service and leaving the island of Kauai. Hariyama also discusses about going to and his experiences at Camp Shelby.

Hirayama discusses about his childhood and schooling. He details about food, building a canoe, and growing in Hawaii. Hirayama also discusses about his career, being self-driven, and Sparky Matsunaga.

Hirayama discusses about his family. He details about childhood and the values he was taught. Hirayama also discusses about his schooling and growing up in Kauai (Maui), Hawaii.
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