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Tanaka discusses about his career and how it found it. He details about his life in Los Angeles and gives a message to future generations. The interview ends by showing bracelet.

Tanaka discusses the 3rd crossing of the Volturno River,close calls and his good luck charm. He details about getting diagnosed with stomach ulcers. Tanaka also discusses coming home, how others treated him once he was back, and meeting his wife.

Tanaka discusses more about his time in North Africa and landing in Italy. He details about his first day in Italy and other combat experiences. Tanaka also discusses about the mindset during combat and crossing the Volturno. River

Tanaka discusses a submarine washing ashore and the formation of the 100th Infantry Battalion. He details about his experiences at Camp McCoy and Camp Shelby. Tanaka also tasks about heading overseas and his experiences in North Africa.

Tanaka discusses the way his was treated on the Mainland. He details basic training. He details Pearl Harbor and the aftermath from it.

Tanaka discusses about his family and childhood. He details his boxing experiences. Tanaka also discusses his experiences working onboard a ship and the Mainland.
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