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Endo discusses getting married, honeymoon, and his post war life. He details more about some of his experiences in post-war Japan. Endo also discusses about the legacy of the Nisei generation and shows some photographs.

Endo discusses more about his experiences in occupied Japan. He details about his involvement with gymnastics and his post-military business. Endo also discusses about his wife and how they got married.

Endo discusses his experiences with Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS)in post-war Japan. He details being apart of the war crime trials. Endo also discusses the work he performed in Japan after leaving the Army to work as a civilian.

Endo discusses his experiences at Granada (Amache) Concentration Camp. He details gymnastics, being drafted, and basic training. Endo also discusses his experiences at Fort Snelling and heading Japan.

Endo discusses his family's restaurant, living on Terminal Island, and his upbringing. He details about Pearl Harbor and the aftermath. He details gymnastics and Executive Order 9066. Endo also discusses his experiences with forced removal and about…

Endo discusses his family. He details about different aspects of his childhood.
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