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Inouye discusses his wife and attending college. He details about the reactions to the Atomic Bombings. He shows the bullet that wounded him and his entry wound. He also gives a message to future generations.

Inouye discusses his post-war experiences and about his time spent at Fort Lawton. He details about an indecent during a Japanese orientation class and wanting to goto college. Inouye also discusses his experiences becoming and working as a Dental…

Inouye discusses five days passes and details more about being wounded. He details about his stay in the hospital and trying to save a clubhouse. Inouye also discusses the recovery process after getting wounded.

Inouye discusses learning the realities of war. He details about the landing of Salerno and he also reflects on combat decisions. Inouye also discusses how he got wounded.

Inouye discusses receiving a promotion that he did not not want. He details about having an issue with a commanding officer. Inouye also discusses his combat experiences in Italy.

Inouye discusses the events before and after Pearl Harbor. He details about The Battle of Midway. Inouye also discusses the journey to the Mainland and the differences between Mainland and Hawaiian soldiers. He details about the events before…

Inouye discusses his childhood and schooling. He details being a Christian. Inouye also discusses about the political scene of Hawaii and being drafted before Pearl Harbor.
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