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Horino discusses about his family and childhood. He details about his schooling and upbringing. Horino also discusses about Gardena, California.

Horino discusses about his shyness, childhood, and schooling. He details about moving to Hollywood and life after high school. Hornio also discusses about Pearl Harbor and the aftermath.

Horino discusses about getting drafted and his early military career. He details about communicating with his family and visiting Heart Mountain Concentration Camp. Horino also discusses about the trip overseas and his experiences in Europe.

Horino discusses about his experiences in Italy and France. He details about the Lost Battalion and his medals. Hornio also discusses about the Champagne Campaign.

Horino discusses about German weaponry and German prisoners. He details his experiences in Italy. Horino also discusses about the wars end and his post-war life.

Horino discusses about post-war life and working for the Apollo program. He details the sweetest thing in life. Horino also discusses about some photographs and gives a message to future generations.
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