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Choichi discusses being discharged, his journey back to Hawaii and how he met his wife. He details about his admiration for Nisei veterans and gives a message to future generations. Choichi also discusses about his life and career after the army.

Choichi discusses about of his experiences in Italy. He details about passes, medals, and fishing. Choichi also discusses about his experiences in France and heading home.

Choichi discusses the voyage overseas and landing in Italy. He details about his experiences in Africa, his first combat experience, and the realities of war. Choichi also discusses his duties as the 1st Sergeant and the Battle of Monte Cassino.

Choichi discusses his journey to the Mainland and his experiences at Camp McCoy. He details about going to the World Series and his experiences in Mississippi and Camp Shelby . Choichi also discusses how he spent his free and his friends.

Shimabukuro discusses his childhood growing in a plantation camp on Kauai. He details about his high school experiences and briefly his family life. Shimabukuro also discusses being drafted, his experiences at Schofield Barracks, and the events Pearl…
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