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Abe discusses about his experiences being part the occupation force in Germany. He details about his post-war life. Able also comments about the changes in America, current events (2005), and gives a message to future generations.

Abe discusses about Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and getting kicked out. He details about some of his friends and his assignment with the Mobile Intelligence Training Unit (MITU). Abe also discusses about his experiences being part of the…

Abe discusses about forced removal and his experiences at Heart Mountain Concentration Camp. He details about getting drafted and father. Abe also discusses about his basic training.

Abe discusses also discusses about trying to gain weight, his father, and Chinese friends. He details Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Abe also discusses about his experiences at Santa Anita Temporary Detention Center.

Abe gives an overview of his military career and discusses his family. He details about his childhood and schooling. Abe also discusses about growing up in Los Angeles and his home life.
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