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Doi reads a description about special services. He details about his post-war career. He details about his family. Doi discusses about his antiwar protest and retirement.

Doi discusses about why he joined and his experiences in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). He details about the role of Special Services and his interactions with Hawaiian soldiers. Doi also discusses about his family and experiences at…

Doi discusses his experiences Fort Snelling, Camp Savage, and discussing Military Intelligence Service (MIS) personnel. He details his assignment in Headquarters Company. Doi also discusses about picnics and banking at Camp Savage.

Doi discusses about living in Seattle. He details about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Doi also discusses about volunteering for service, the affects of incarceration, and his wife.

Doi discusses about schooling, friends, and social activities. He details about the Japanese community growing up and religion. Doi also discusses about high school, life afterwards, the Great Depression, and living own his own.

Doi discusses about he parents and siblings. He details about his home life. Doi also discusses about his childhood.
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