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Fujimori reflects on being sent to American Concentration Camps and his experiences in the military. He details about the role MIS played during the war. Fujimori also discusses veteran organizations and gives a message to future generations.

Fujimori discusses his homecoming experiences. He details about his career after being in the military. Fujimori also discusses raising children and moving to west coast.

Fujimori discusses more about his time in the Philippines. He details about his duties while stationed in Japan. Fujimori also discusses his road to being discharged.

Fujimori discusses what happen after basic training. He details his experiences at Fort Snelling. Fujimori also discusses the time he spent in the Philippines.

Fujimori discusses what it was like to grow up in Hollywood and cultural values. He details about his journey to the army. Fujimori also discusses his experiences at Camp Savage and Fort McClellan.

Fujimori discusses what it was like growing up in California. He details about the affects that Pearl Harbor had on him and his family. Fujimori also discusses his experiences in Manzanar.

Fujimori continues to talk about his experience as a carpenter. He discusses Go For Broke [National Education Center], and offers his thoughts about the events of September 11th (9/11). He ends with a message to future generations.

Fujimori talks about his homecoming from Japan. He goes on to talk about his work experience as a carpenter, including building furniture for Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Mansion.

Fujimori discusses his military experience in the Philippines. He describes what his job entailed as a Military Intelligence Service interrogator. At the end of this part he begins describing his participation in the occupation of Japan after the war…

Fujimori describes his experience of moving away from his home and into Manzanar Concentration Camp and his experiences living in the camp. He also describes volunteering for the army and his basic training at Fort Snelling.

Fujimori discusses meeting his wife. He talks more about practicing Judo, and what it meant to be Japanese American. At the end of this section, he talks of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Fujimori describes growing up in Boyle Heights, California. He also talks about playing sports, such as football and track, and his academic interests in high school. He recalls his siblings and childhood friends.

Fujimori discusses growing up in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. He describes his father and his involvement in the Japanese American community.

Fujimori talks more about the Yokota airbase. He discusses the Military Intelligence Service's contribution to the Occupation of Japan.

Fujimori goes into depth about his participation in the occupation of Japan with the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). He talks specifically about his time in Yokohama and Tokyo.
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