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Tanakatsubo discusses what it was like growing up being Japanese American living in California. He details how he ended up in MIS and his mindset along the way. Tanakatsubo also discusses his experiences on the Aleutian Islands. He reflects on the…

Tanigawa discusses Pearl Harbor and the aftermath from it. He details about what he did during the occupation of Japan. Tanigawa also discusses about his time after he leaves the army.

Tanaigawa discusses how the war affected his family. He details about his time in Chicago, knowing Jack Yasutake and the Tiki Terrance. Tanaigawa also describes a number photographs.

Tanigawa discusses about what his father experienced once he was arrested. He details about he final days in Japan and reflects on the time he spent on Japan. Tanigawa relates stories, such as how he found his wife and the one time he stepped into…

Tanigawa briefly discusses church and religion. He also gives closing remarks.

Katayama discusses a number a photographs and the stories connected to the photographs. He gives an overview of his military history.

Masayasu discusses growing up in Sacramento and Martha discusses growing up in Portland. They both speak about their experiences with Pearl Harbor and the aftermath. Masayasu details about his time in Japan during the Occupation. They both discuss…
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