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Kanatani discusses his post-war career and his family fared after leaving camp. He details about his wife, children, and grandchildren. Kanatani gives a message to future generations and showing photographs.

Kanatani discusses about growing up in California, family, and, his childhood home. He details working as a child, schooling, and a typical meal at home. Kantani also discusses childhood activities and segregation.

Kanatani discusses his upbringing, remembering Pearl Harbor , and its aftermath. He details about his family's forced removal and visiting both Heart Mountain and Poston Concentration Camps. Kanatani also discusses basic training, being assigned to…

Kanatani discusses about his family, interactions with Hawaiian soldiers, combat experiences, and being wounded. He details about his religion, the Champagne Campaign, and the Lost Battalion. Kanatani also discusses about George T. "Joe" Sakato and…
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