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Kishaba discuss about post-traumatic stress disorder and being wounded. He also talks about the Champagne Campaign, Po Valley, and the ending of the war. Kishaba details about his post-war life and shares advice for the future generation.

Kishaba discusses, patrols, war stories, and bath time. He discusses about leaving Italy and going to France. Kishaba discusses about his best friend getting injured in combat and passes away.

Kishaba discusses going overseas. He details about assignment and experiences in Italy. Kishaba also describes combat, patrolling, and casualties.

Kishaba discusses about life after high school, going to vocational school, and working on the railroad until volunteering for the military. He talks about his experiences going to the Mainland leaving Hawaii for the first time. Kishaba also…

Kishaba discusses growing up on a farm in Hawaii and learning how to cut hair. He also discusses his family and childhood. Kishaba discusses embracing his Japanese identity and values.
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