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Nishio discusses his family and post-war life. He details about his thoughts on the atomic bombings. Nishio also discusses his community activities and then gives advice to future generations.

Nishio discusses his post-war life. He details about his career as an Optometrist. Nishio also discusses his family.

Nishio discusses his experiences during the Korean War. He details his college experiences, finding employment and opening a bar. Nishio also discusses being an Optometrist.

Nishio discusses about his experiences in post-war japan. He details about his life after occupation. Nishio also discusses about his experiences during the Korean War.

Nishio discusses his experiences in post-war Japan. He details his early experiences in the Counter Intelligence Corps. (CIC). Nishio also discusses about the current state of post-war Japan.

Nishio discusses a friend and his camp experiences. He details briefly about his post-war. Nishio also discusses joining the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) and his experiences at Fort Snelling.

Nishio discusses his experiences with forced removal and childhood. He details his experiences at a Temporary Detention Center and Jerome Concentration Camp. Nishio also discusses about the loyalty questionnaire, visiting Tule Lake Concentration…

Nishio discusses his schooling experiences in Japan. He details adjusting back to American society and going to college. Nishio also discusses remembering Pearl Harbor and its aftermath.

Nishio discusses about his family and childhood. He briefly details about moving to Japan as a child. Nishio also discusses about Japanese dialects.
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