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Onodera discusses about his experiences in Japan and his discharge. He details about his wife and family. Onodera also discusses about his post-war life and the legacy of the Nisei.

Onodera discusses about his experiences at Camp Shelby. He details about joining the Military Intelligence Service and his experiences at Camp Savage. Onodera also discusses about his experiences in post-war Japan.

Onodera discusses about living in Los Angeles. He details about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath. Onodera also discusses about forced removal, experiences at Manzanar Concentration Camp, volunteering for service, and Camp Shelby.

Onodera discusses about his family, childhood, and growing up in Seattle, Washington. He details about his home life and moving to Los Angeles. Onodera also discusses about living in Los Angeles.

Onodera discusses his experiences being a translator for US commissioned officers in Japan. He recounts the living conditions in the US military barracks and some details of his job. In addition he talks about how 5 of his siblings also served in the…

Onodera discusses his, and his brothers', experiences serving in the US military. He talks about working at Vint Hills Farm Station in Virginia, and later working in Yokohama after the war ended. He discusses the post-war living conditions in Japan…

Onodera talks about his youth and early adulthood growing up in Seattle. His mother was a Japanese language school teacher (father a plumber) and he had an uncle in the Japanese navy. He also discusses how his family got separated during the Japanese…
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