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Sakato discusses what it was like growing up in California. He details about his education. Sakato also discusses he experiences from when he moved to Arizona.

Sakato discusses wanting to join the air force but ending up in the army. He details about basic training. Sakato also discusses about traveling on a transport ship and he also gives his opinions and thoughts about the war.

Sakato discusses his time in France. He details about his experience in combat and death. Sakato discusses about fighting and traveling in the Vosges Mountains.

Sakato discusses surviving in combat. He details the Assault on Hill 617. He also discusses his experiences while being wounded. Sakato details about receiving the Distinguished Service Cross.

Sakato gives more details about Hill 617 and being upgraded to the Medal of Honor. Sakato discusses his life after leaving the army. He also discusses the aspect of discrimination.

Sakato discusses how he explains his war experiences to his daughter. He also details about what is was like being upgraded to the Medal of Honor. Sakato gives some worlds of wisdom and explains a number of photographs.

Sakato discusses about the action that lead to receiving the Medal of Honor. He details about the Medal of Honor means. Sakato also discusses more about Hill 617.

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