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A, Takahashi displays his medals and a military portrait of himself. He talks about the medals, and what they were bestowed for. He also shares a newsclipping of himself.

A. Takahashi discusses where he was when the war in Europe ended. He talks about his military discharge and his post-war life. He shares anecdotes regarding: his family; meeting his wife; and his career trajectory.

A. Takahashi discusses his experiences in the European Theater. He talks about the Champagne Campaign and other assignments. He shares anecdotes regarding: his brother's military service; cooking chicken and rabbitts; and close calls on the…

A. Takahashi discusses his military experience. He talks about training new recruits in rifle training; and how Nisei soldiers were sent to Camp Leonard to perform menial work. He also discusses getting assigned to the 100th Battalion and his first…

A. Takahashi discusses his youth growing up in the Central Valley of California. He talks about his parents' backgrounds, their immigration and characters. He also discusses his interest in aviation and how he enlisted in the military.

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