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Umeda discusses his Army life. He details about funniest moments in the Army. Umdea also gives his closing remarks.

Umeda discusses about his experiences at Camp Savage and Fort Snelling. He details his wife career, family, and the values he was taught growing up. Umeda also discusses about how his background translated to his military service, his childhood,…

Discussing his experiences in the Philippines, discussing Sister Kenny, and trying to find a home. He details about the interrogation techniques he used. Umeda also discusses about a typical day in the South Pacific.

Umeda discusses about taking a furlough, being discharged, and finding a job. He details about his career, family, travel, and friends. Umeda also discusses about attending the Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS).

Umeda discusses about growing up in Sacramento, California and his family. He details about being drafted, aftermath from Pearl, and joining the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). Umeda also discusses about his experiences in the Military…
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