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Uratsu discusses about his parents, their personalities, and his childhood farm. He details about farming and some of his childhood activities. Uratsu also discusses about baseball.

Uratsu discusses about his upbringing, the values instilled in him, and religion. He details about his siblings, morality, and his high school experiences. Uratsu also discusses about December 7, 1941.

Uratsu discusses about his high school experiences including his friends and activities. He details about his experiences in Tule Lake Concentration Camp and describes what life inside an American Concentration camp was like. Uratsu also discusses…

Urastsu discusses about discrimination, gives he thoughts about Pearl Harbor, and gives a positive takeaway from World War Two. He details about he joined the army. Uratsu also discusses about his experiences at Fort Snelling and his voyage to the…

Uratsu discusses about his early experiences in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). He details about his brief experiences in Manila. Uratsu also discusses about his post-war assignment and experiences in Tokyo Japan.

Tetsushi discusses about his experiences with the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in post-war Tokyo, Japan. He details about his comrades and their relationships.

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