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Mrs. Uyeoka discusses her early life and experiences in Poston Concentration Camp. She details about how she met her husband and their married life. Mrs. Uyeoka also gives a message to future generations.

Uyeoka discusses about his experiences in Germany. He details about his life after discharge, getting married, and his family. Uyeoka also discusses about his life after retirement.

Uyeoka discusses about his experiences in the 295th Field Artillery. He details about the aftermath from Pearl Harbor and joining the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion. Uyeoka also discusses about going overseas and his experiences in the war.

Uyeoka discusses about his family and moving to Japan. He details about his experiences in Japan before moving to and growing up in Korea, then moving back to Japan. Uyeoka also discusses about moving back the United States and being drafted.
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