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Yoshimoto discusses his childhood and what it was like growing up in Seattle, Washington. He discusses he experience being drafted into the Army. Yoshimoto also discusses his family.

Yoshimoto discusses the effects that Pearl Harbor had on him and his family. He also discusses about his time spent in the Army Air Corps before being reassigned. Yoshimoto details about the time he visited Minidoka.

Yoshimoto discusses how he ended up joining the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). He also details he experiences in MIS before heading to Japan. Yoshimoto discusses his voyage to and arrival in Japan.

Yoshimoto discusses about his time in Japan during the occupation. He also details about meeting Tojo Hideki. Yoshimoto discusses his life once he was discharged from the Army.

Kaihara discusses his parents origins. He talks about his community and primary school experiences. He also explains what he did with his leisure time as a child. Thomas Kaihara talks about his relationships with family members. He describes his…

Kaihara continues to talk about his high school experiences. He also describes his high school graduation. He discusses his work as a cadre in Hawaii. Kaihara describes the Attack on Pearl Harbor. He reveals that his father passed away at Tule Lake.

Kaihara describes Tule Lake and how his father died. He discusses the senninbari that he received from his mother. Kaihara reveals what he thinks about the No-no boys. He goes on to talk about the formation of the 100th. He describes Camp McCoy and…

Thomas Kaihara recounts his first combat experiences. He describes the horrors of war. He talks about the Battle of Monte Cassino. Kaihara describes his injuries and he gives his reflections on the 100th. He also reflects on what it means to be an…

Kaihara compares the 100th to the 442nd. He tells some stories about his time in the 100th. He describes his marriage and family. Kaihara talks about his post-war life. He discusses his civic engagements and he gives his final thoughts
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