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Hiro Nishimura reflects on Japanese American redress and the contributions of Nisei soldiers during World War II. He also shares some photographs from his military service.

Hiro Nishimura admires Merrill's Marauders and talks about their accomplishments and the conditions they served under. He also testifies about the Japanese American incarceration which in turn psychologically prepares him to write his memoirs.

Hiro Nishimura further speaks about his connections to Harry Fukuhara and John Aiso. As a soldier he ships out and serves in the China-Burma-India theater as a translator in the MIS.

Hiro Nishimura is upset to be separated from Kazuo Otani to go to Military Intelligence Service Language School. He describes how Kazuo Otani earned the Medal of Honor as well as his efforts later to contact Otani's family. He also describes Steve…

Hiro Nishimura remembers the events and consequences surrounding the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He is drafted into the army and experiences segregation before serving in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). His family experiences forced removal to…

Hiro Nishimura grows up attending Japanese language school and public school with many different races of children. He also experiences enough racial discrimination to consider moving to Japan. He also speaks about employment and attending college.

Background of Hiro Nishimura's parents and growing up as a Japanese American and a Buddhist in Seattle, Washington.
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