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Yamaki discusses about H Company and the Gothic Line. He also details about close encounters, food, and his experiences in Italy post-war. Yamaki also discusses about his homecoming experience and his career.

Yamaki discusses about his impressions of Southern Italy. He details about meeting his wife, children, and grandchildren. Yamaki also discussing the community clubhouse and the treatment as a replacement.

Toda discusses growing up in Los Angeles, California. He details about volunteering for the service and his early impressions of in the Army. Toda also discusses about his experiences his experiences in Illinois and heading overseas.

Toda discusses about his experiencs in the Champagne Campaign. He details about his experiences in Italy. Toda also discusses about his role as a Mess Sergeant.

Toda discusses coming home, how he met his wife, and moving back to California. He gives details about his career and family. Toda also gives a message to future generations.

Tamaru discusses about Pearl Harbor, Its aftermath, and experiences forced removal. He details about high school. Tamaru also discusses about his experiences at Poston Concentration Camp.

Tamaru discusses about experiences at Poston Concentration Camp. He details about working outside of camp, being drafted, and basic training. Tamaru also discusses about joining the Military Police (MP), experiences occupied Japan, and working Sugamo…

Tamaru discusses about his interactions with Japanese prisoners. He details about his experiences in Japan, and the war crime trials. Tamaru also discusses about working as Military Police, the progress of Japan, and life after the Army.

Tamaru discusses about Los Angeles post-World War Two and his family. He details about politics, technology, and compares the Nisei and Issei to other generations. Tamaru also discusses about his life after retirement.

Tamaru discusses and describes photographs.
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