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S. Takahashi discusses his participation in the rescue of the Lost Battalion; he also reflects on his experiences. He talks about his opinion of the commanding officers, and what the morale of his unit was in the face of all the losses they endured…

S. Takahashi talks about his combat experiences in the European Theater. He describes his feelings and actions as he was in the midst of artillery fire. He also discusses how he felt about Pearl Harbor being attacked by Japan.

S. Takahashi talks about life his right before the war breakout and his early military experiences. He discusses his job, motivation for joining the military, and his cultural identity. He also shares anecdotes regarding participating in a Judo…

S. Takahashi discusses growing up poor in a village on Maui. He talks about his parents, and how they got married. He also explains how his mother had a son in the Japanese military in addition to his service in the U.S. military during World War 2.
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