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Masuda describes what is happening in a set of photographs. Masuda discusses his medals.

Masuda discusses more about his time on Tinian. He also discusses about his knowledge and thoughts about the atomic bombings. Masuda details about his life after leaving the army.

Masuda discusses part of his time in Tinian. He discusses he arrival in Japan. He also details what it was like being stationed in post war Japan.

Masuda discusses breaking the news to friends and family about volunteering for the army. He also talks about his furlough experience. Masuda discusses how he became a company clerk a pharmacist for the army.

Masuda discusses what it was like visiting his family in Tule Lake and Topaz. Masuda also details about the relationship he had with his parents. He also gives some insight of what it was like growing up a Japanese American.

Masuda discusses the history of his family. He also relates his military experiences before being sent to the Pacific Theater . Masuda details his experience on the boxing team.
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