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Tatsuo Yamane on the stairs of a building in a Japanese P.O.W. [Prisoners of War] camp in Mindanao.

Myashira at encampment in jungle of New Guinea.

Tatsuo Yamane in encampment surrounded by the jungle [in New Guinea].

Children playing volleyball at Japanese P.O.W. [Prisoners of War] Camp in Mindanao.

U.S. military planes on the airfield runway in New Guinea.

Fleet of U.S. ships spread out in the ocean along the horizon. On their way to New Guinea.

Kengo sitting on a fallen tree in the jungle.

Fukuhara looking out to sea aboard a ship.

Hirai and Tatsuo Yamane sitting on the sand by camp [in New Guinea]. Tents can be seen in the background.

The team of ten guys at training camp in California about to be shipped to the Pacific. Tatsuo Yamane is second from the rear on the right. Row of tents behind them.

Unknown soldier crouching among the foliage in a jungle in New Guinea.

Entrance to graveyard in New Guinea. Grave site of Jerry Mizutani.

Tatsu Yamane leaning against a palm tree by camp in New Guinea. Rows of tents in between palm trees in background.

Tatsuo Yamane and friend looking out to the ocean while standing on the rocks on the beach.

Tatsuo Yamane in front of a church-like building.

One of the camps at Morotai Island.

Tatsuo Yamane at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri for Military Intelligence Service Language School. The barracks are in the background.

Matsumato on the stairs to 4th Plattoon Co. [Company] C-29 Battalion barracks.

Family portrait of Technical Sergeant Yukitaka Mizutari. His two brothers, one on each end, and three sisters in between. His mother is holding the plaque honoring his death and his portrait.

Group photo of Japanese troops at P.O.W. camp.

(Left image) Japanese P.O.W. camp. Men, women, and children surrounding numerous tents. (Right image) U.S. officer with two Japanese P.O.W.s. Tents in the background.

(Left image) Two Japanese American soldiers at the language department office. (Right image) Japanese American at the interpreter's quarters at a Japanese P.O.W. camp.

(Left and right image) Group of young women at Japanese P.O.W. Camp.
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