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Captioned "Camera Day, LAHS [Los Angeles High School]." Photographs show students dressed up in graduation cap and gown.

Top left photograph of Japanese American girl, Tamaki, walking away from the camera in the city. Top right and bottom left photographs of a group of Japanese American girls in graduation cap and gown. Bottom right photograph of Japanese American…

Two photographs depict two Japanese American high school students in graduation cap and gown.

Two photographs showing a group of high school boys and a group of high school girls wearing graduation gowns and caps. One photograph depicts a group of high school boys wearing formal wear. Female students' names or nicknames are at the bottom of…

Photographs depict Caucasian high school students.

Four photographs of students wearing graduation gowns and caps, all students are female and Caucasian.

Three photographs capture students graduating from high school, wearing graduation cap and gown. Seymour, John, Bob, Jack and Don-- all Caucasian males.

Two photographs portray the front view of a high school-- Los Angeles High School. Other photograph is of young woman, Pat Waterman, wearing a graduation cap and gown.

Hiro Nishimura grows up attending Japanese language school and public school with many different races of children. He also experiences enough racial discrimination to consider moving to Japan. He also speaks about employment and attending college.

In the first part of Mr. Jack Hirose's interview, he discusses his family history and personal background, describing his close relationship with his siblings. He talks about his father's restaurants, which were located in Downtown Los Angeles and…

Frank Mizufuka was born in Compton, California. His parents were from the Kumamoto prefecture on the island of Kyushu. They became sharecroppers and worked on a vegetable farm in Montebello, then moved to Whittier to become flower farmers. Frank…

In this video clip, Yoshiaki Fujitani continues to talk about his time at McKinley High School. The teachers at McKinley made a positive impact on his life, even encouraged him to take public speaking classes. He describes his identification as a…

Matsumoto describes his early life growing up in Los Angeles and later moving to Japan with his grandparents to attend school. Upon returning to the Los Angeles area, Matsumoto settled in Long Beach, graduating from the local high school and worked…
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