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Tso discusses about his journey home during and after the war. He details more about his experiences during survival training. Tso also discusses about his experiences in Iwo Jima and gives his thoughts on the atomic bombings.

Tso discusses his family, childhood, and growing up on a Navajo Reservation. He details about his educational experiences. Tso also discusses about being drafted and all his training experiences.

The Harada's discuss about Joe's experiences on Iwo Jima and during his time in Japan. They detail about their post-war life, how they met, and their son. Yukino also discusses about her family.

The Harada's discuss about Joe's family and childhood. They detail about how Joe was recruited to the Military Intelligence Service (MIS). The Harada's also detail about Joe's experiences on Iwo Jima.

Kono reads a poem he wrote and sent to his niece while overseas; discusses his experiences going to New York during rest and relaxation (R&R); and talks about his Military Intelligence Service (MIS) assignment after training. He then talks about…

In this video clip, Victor Nishijima talks about the worst things he witnessed during the war. He also talks about rescuing Japanese civilians (prisoners of war). He goes on to describe the Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
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