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Ishikawa discusses his family and what it was like growing up on a ranch. He details about his educational experiences and Pearl Harbor. Ishikawa also discusses experiences with training and his early time in Italy.

Ohta discusses his family, childhood, and growing on a plantation. He details about Pearl Harbor and the aftermath. Ohta also discusses answering the call for volunteers, experiences at Camp Shelby, and early Italy.

Kim discusses gaining recognition and being placed on Honor Guard Duty. He details about his experiences in Leghorn (Livorno). Kim also discusses about his experiences in Vada, Italy.

Kim finishes discussing the events that led to receiving the Distinguished Service Cross. He details about capturing the Lanuvio Pass. Kim also discusses the events after Rome.

Kim discusses the end of Cassino and receiving replacements. He details about his experiences at Anzio. Kim also discusses the events that led to him receiving the Distinguished Service Cross.

Kim discusses his experiences with winter and combat in Italy. He details about the structure of Headquarters Company. Kim also discusses the Battle of Cassino.

Kim discusses the recovery process and the time he spent in the hospital. He details about returning to the 100th Infantry Battalion. Kim also discusses the events before the Battle of Cassino.

Kim discusses having doubts. He details about his first combat experiences. Kim also discusses about the time his was wounded.

Matsumoto discusses more about Pearl Harbor and enlisting into the service. He details about the journey to the Mainland and Camp Shelby. Matsumoto also discusses about his experiences at Camp Shelby.

Kuwahara discusses more about fate and The lost Battalion. He details about about why he stayed in Italy after the war ended. Kuwahara also discusses his interactions with the Italian people and guarding German prisoners.

Mori discusses leaving camp to find work and his draft experience. His details about adapting to situations and other experiences while in Europe. Mori also discusses the awards he received and the end of the war.

Mori discusses his experiences living in California. He details about his life after Pearl Harbor. Mori also discusses his experiences in Italy.

Nishihara discusses about his experiences at Camp McCoy and Camp Shelby. He details about furlough and leisure experiences. Nishihara also discusses his voyage overseas and his experiences in Italy.

Mitsuo Tominaga discusses his feeling about about being reassigned to an all Nisei unit, and their interactions with civilians while in Michigan. Next he describes his unit's time at Fort Shelby conducting weapons training, and the racial conditions…

John Togashi describes witnessing combat for the first time and experiencing enemy artillery fire. Next he recounts the 442nd move into Italy and fighting along the Gothic Line. Lastly he describes assaulting a hill in which he gets wounded by mortar…

Matsuda discusses his experiences at Poston Concentration Camp and leaving camp. He details his experiences in Colorado and being drafted. Matsuda also discusses his experiences with basic training, his time in Italy and his homecoming experience.
Kondo V-mail letter 013.pdf

Morimoto writes to Hal and Misa Hoshino while stationed in Italy. He writes about how he has never written so many letters in his life, how he hopes to see Henry Kondo (Misa's brother) while stationed overseas, and about the food he has been eating…
Kondo V-mail letter 004.pdf

Kondo writes about missing his family, and about his daily routine overseas in Italy, which include eating many fruits that are sold to them by the Italian natives, and venturing into town.
Kondo V-mail letter 003.pdf

Kondo writes to his sister about receiving her previous letters, and about his siblings going back to the incarceration camp to be with their parents. He writes about his experiences in Italy, describing the barter system of using cigarettes instead…

Small ships docking along the Lake Como, Italy.

Falkenberg in Vada, Italy (near Livorno), visiting soldiers as part of the United Service Organization.

Falkenberg in Lecco, Italy as part of the United Services Organization; large crowd of soldiers and children stand behind her.

Marilyn Hare in Lecco, Italy (United Service Organization). Saying hello to the GIs.

Monument in Milano Square. Image presumably captured by Mizuki during furlough travel.

Photograph likely taken while on military service furlough. Photograph likely taken from the front of Saint Peter's Cathedral. Photograph shows square's fountain and passersby.

Como Lakefront with city built around.

Marilyn Hare turns her head for a photograph among a crowd.
Hare was presumably in Italy with the United Service Organization.

Text for photograph states, "US troop ship limps into harbor from Livorno for repair."

Small dog standing on hind legs.

"Repple Depple harbor. (Our ship for home). Army trucks. Troops there gathered around cargo boxes."

Bella Signorina leaning against a pillar wearing a dress and belt.

Lloyd Hoshide and Lloyd in Vada area, sitting on a plantar ledge in front of frond bushes.

Norris, Ken, and John at Milano American Red Cross Club.

Norris E. Sword, Army Air Force. Standing in front of tall hedge.

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] and John at Milano [American Red Cross] Club. In front of barren trees, presumably winter.

Norris, Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] and John at Milano American Red ross Club. Hiroshi Mizuki in the middle. In front of barren trees, presumably winter.

"Back to Milano, Italy". "US ARC [American Red Cross] Transient Club." Frontal view of ARC entrance archway and building. "American Red Cross Transient Club" sign as part of the archway.

Football game half time, band marching on the field.

"Football game between 92 Buffalo Division & 442nd RCT team. Full stadium." 92nd Infantry, Buffalo Division.

Richard Miyashiro in Vada. Buildings and hills in far background.

Sarb Tanaka in kneeling in front of grape vines.

Saburo (Sarb) Tanaka and Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki. Army trucks in background behind grape vines.

"Kariya sitting on concrete roller." Unknown building in background. Go For Broke patch visible on shoulder.

Henry Mizuki. Hiroshi Mizuki's cousin. Standing by truck, handling supplies.

"Slim and friend in Vada."

"Johnny Imamura and Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki at camp site in Vada. Their tents set up behind them."

"Austica Antica ruins outside of Rome near the sea." Correct name "Ostia Antica". Archaeological site.

Ancient ruins in Rome. Ruins of columns.

"From Vatican looking out to city of Rome." Large statue of soldier on horse in middle of image.

Part of the interior of a Vatican building.

"Inside of [St. Peter's] square." Front of St. Peter's Basilica.

"Entrance to the square in front of the Vatican." St. Peter's Square. Obelisk in middle of image.

Town square in Rome. Townspeople, buildings and cars.

"Tower in front of US rest center building." Located in Rome, Italy. Tower is the Mussolini Obelisk. Photo taken from side angle.

"Tower says Mussolini Dux". Image is close up of the Mussolini Obelisk in Rome, Italy.

Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki in Rome. Standing on steps.

Corporal Kino and woman standing in front of building.

"Athletic statues around the stadium". Image is of the Stadio Dei Marmi, part of the Foro Italico sports complex in Rome, Italy. Close up of statue holding ball.

"Statues around the stadium". Image is of the Stadio Dei Marmi, part of the Foro Italico sports complex in Rome, Italy. Wider angle view of stadium and statues.

"Statues and building complex at a distance". Image is of the Stadio Dei Marmi, part of the Foro, Italico sports complex in Rome, Italy. Building in distance.

"Inside swim pool at sport complex". Indoor swimming pool with mural painted on far wall. Most likely the Stadio del Nuoto, part of the Foro Italico sports complex.

"Stadium oval track & sport building in background". Image of the Stadio dei Marmi, part of the Foro Italico sports complex in Rome, Italy.

"Statues around [Mussolini's] stadium". Close up of statue in the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, Italy.

"Overview of track [at Mussolini's stadium]". Far angle view of Stadio dei Marmi.

"[Mussolini's] Stadium oval track". View of stadium seating and track of the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, Italy. View of hills in background.

"Another statue by [Mussolini's stadium] building". Statue near the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, Italy.

"One of the statues in [Mussolini's] stadium". Statue of athlete in the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, Italy.

"Back end of entrance [to Rest Center Monument] with ball in center of fountain". Image is of the Fountain of the Sphere, in the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome, Italy.

"Entrance to the Rest Center Monument". Long angle view of the Fountain of the Sphere and the Mussolini Obelisk in the distance. Part of Foro Italico, in Rome, Italy.

Sign on obelisk "Rest Center".

Part of the Foro Italico in Rome, Italy.

"Bridge over Tiber River overlooking Mussolini's Stadium complex". View of bridge and water, with Foro Italico in distance.

"Cemetery in old Rome".

Vatican City in Rome. Aerial view of Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica.

"Medieval castle in Rome by the Tiber river". View of Castel Sant'Angelo, bridge and river.

"Inside of the Colosseum". Several soldiers standing and sitting.

"Ancient Colosseum of Rome". Outer view of Colosseum.

"Ancient archway in Rome by the Colosseum". Image of the Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy.

"Umberto Mussolini's Monument in Rome". Altare della Patria monument.

Group of soldiers in front of building with a sign "Catacombs of St. Callistus". Three Japanese-American soldiers on left.

"People boarding trolley in Milano". Townspeople and buildings.

"Kimura and Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] in Livorno. Amongst the foot traffic on the sidewalk". Crowd of townspeople.

"Kimura, Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] & Hirose in Livorno. Statue/fountain in background".

"Jun Honda and the photo lab group".

Frank Ichimoto. Buildings in background.

"Ben Tachihara and Kaz Takusagawa at Vada camp ground". Sitting on rocks near water.

"Two unknown guys in Ghedi airfield". Located in Lombardy, Italy.

Frank Ichimoto leaning on a fence.

"Wrecked in building in Livorno".

Slim at guard shack in Livorno. Standing in front of shack and barbed wire.

"Jerries in stockade in Vada, Italy". Three German prisoners of war lying on grass.

Japanese American soldier, "Slim" standing by statue of woman kneeling. Inside a room.

Unknown Japanese American soldier standing next to the ruins of a building

"Paisan "Slim" in Livorno. Petting a merchant's horse". Caucasian man, horse and cart.

"Statue di Hitoshi Urada in Florence. Hitoshi Urada standing on base of pillar". Another soldier and soldiers in background.

"Downtown Florence street scene". Buildings and townspeople.

"Frank thumbing to Florence. Left arm in sling". Wearing sunglasses.

"Saburo "Sarb" leaning against wall by doorway. Unknown soldier sitting on steps reading a letter". At doorway to building.

"Hiro Mizuki in Florence". Only base of statue visible. Buildings in background.

"Frank Ichimoto in Florence". Only base of statue visible. Buildings in background. Wearing sunglasses.
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