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Photo of Tsutomu and a woman, presumably his wife Mitsuko, posing together indoors

Three soldiers standing up and Tsutomu and another soldier sitting down

Photo of Tsutomu and three other soldiers posing in front of building

Photo of Tsutomu and an unidentified soldier posing together in a Japanese garden with temple in background

Photo of the CIC soldiers posing together in front of a building

Photo of the staff and soldiers of CIC Area #32 in front of the building

Photo of soldiers in uniform posing in front of a building

Photo of Tsutomu George Yukihiro standing in front of a building in his uniform.

A photo of Tsutomu George Yukihiro and other soldiers.

Letter identifies Japanese families in Utah and Idaho. Motoruki writes that he misses Katayama and is happy to have his friendship. He asks about a photograph taken of him and Dr. Kajiwara at the Okitsu Station (a train station). He asks Katayama to…

"The Army and Navy Japanese Anti-aircraft Batteries and Anti-aircraft Machine-gun Batteries have lost 40 per cent of their comrades by the fierce American air-raids and naval bombardments from June 7, 1942 to July 25, 1945. On leaving Kiska Island,…

Article seemingly written by or for Karl Kaoru Kasukabe. The address of Karl Kaoru Kasukabe follows the following text:

"Karl Kasukabe received Sun Flat, a substitute for himself as a casualty, with tears from formerly S/Sgt. Sherman L Smith at…
Kasamatsu_233 001 .jpg

Inside the court chambers.

Image was scanned in two parts and stitched using Adobe Photoshop.
Kasamatsu_232 .jpg

The front Japan's National Diet building.

Image was scanned in two parts and stitched using Adobe Photoshop.

Sugamura talks about moving to Japan pre-war with her family and her experiences there such as traveling by ship to get there, speaking Japanese, culture, her experiences in Tokyo, and discussing Japanese people. She then continues to talk about her…

G. Koshi discusses his participation in the war crime trials and gives general details regarding the trials. He talks about Japanese military leaders he defended, and describes American POW camps in Japan. In addition, he talks about social…

G. Koshi talks about his experiences and reflections working in Occupied Japan. He shares anecdotes regarding: General MacArthur; documentation regarding Japan's declaration of war; and working on Japanese government reformations. He also discusses…

G. Koshi discusses his experiences working in Occupied Japan and the Pentagon. He talks about Japanese military documents he translated and Japanese military leaders. He also discusses how he met his wife in Washington DC.

Seven men standing in kitchen. Caption identifies men, left to right as: cook, Bill, Paul, Tom, Harold, Carson and Dave. Image is a black and white photocopy; location of original image is unknown.

Matsumoto describes his role in tutoring language officers and helping them with their Japanese. Later he encounters his cousin and younger brother as captured Japanese soldiers in China. After a reunion, Matsumoto is relived to hear that his parents…
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