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"Kimura and Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] in Livorno. Amongst the foot traffic on the sidewalk". Crowd of townspeople.

"Kimura, Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] & Hirose in Livorno. Statue/fountain in background".

"Jun Honda and the photo lab group".

Ken Nobe & Richard Miyashiro. Sitting in army jeep. Most likely taken in Italy.

Frank Ichimoto. Buildings in background.

"Ben Tachihara and Kaz Takusagawa at Vada camp ground". Sitting on rocks near water.

"Two unknown guys in Ghedi airfield". Located in Lombardy, Italy.

Frank Ichimoto leaning on a fence.

Richard Miyashiro and Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki.

"Unknown soldier enjoying a smoke outside. Near small alley in between buildings".

Richard Miyashiro leaning against a building, illegible sign behind him.

"Frank Ichimoto in F Co. yard". Young boy in background. Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Zeke Kanzaki in F Co. yard". Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Milton "Zeke" Kanzaki atop of D Co. building". Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Wrecked in building in Livorno".

"Pop Murakami with two guys". Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Unknown soldier sitting along wall of bridge." Photograph likely captured in Italy.

Two unknown Japanese American soldiers with a dog. Photograph likely captured in Italy.

Japanese American soldier, "Slim" standing by statue of woman kneeling. Inside a room.

Unknown Japanese American soldier standing next to the ruins of a building

"Sam Kinoshita in compound". Prisoner of war camp, most likely in Italy. Two dogs in background.

"Paisan "Slim" in Livorno. Petting a merchant's horse". Caucasian man, horse and cart.

"Statue di Hitoshi Urada in Florence. Hitoshi Urada standing on base of pillar". Another soldier and soldiers in background.

"Downtown Florence street scene". Buildings and townspeople.

"Frank thumbing to Florence. Left arm in sling". Wearing sunglasses.

"Saburo "Sarb" leaning against wall by doorway. Unknown soldier sitting on steps reading a letter". At doorway to building.

"Hiro Mizuki in Florence". Only base of statue visible. Buildings in background.

"Frank Ichimoto in Florence". Only base of statue visible. Buildings in background. Wearing sunglasses.

"Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] in front of church doors". Elaborately ornate doors. Most likey taken in Florence, Italy.

"More street scene in Florence". Buildings and townspeople.

"Church being renovated in Florence". Soldiers in front building.

"Square in Florence. Cars parked in center". Buildings and townspeople.

"L'Antko Contro Della Citta". Correct spelling "L'antico centro della citta". Written on top of building. Large archway entrance.

[Vecchio] (fbridge) in Firenza, Italy Image of the bridge over water, one boat on water, buildings and passerby.

"Street in Firenza, Italy". Buildings and townspeople.

"At a [United Services Organization] show in downtown Livorno". Woman singing,

"Kimura and Victor Hirose". Most likely taken in Italy.

"Richard Narasaki sitting on rooftop wall with camera around his neck". Photograph likely taken in Italy.

"Summer of Pen Beach (like Southern California)". In Livorno, Italy.

"Roy Suzuki going for a dip at Pen Beach". Many sunbathers on sand.

"Dick Narasaki, Frank Ichimoto, and Joe Nagata at Pen Beach". View of ocean and sand.

"Scene of Pen Beach". Many people at beach, on sand.

"Ben Aoyagi, Zeke Kanzaki, Frank Ichimoto and some guy inching in".

"Roy Suzuki and friend at Pen Beach". Laying on sand, with building in background.

"Industrial area of Livorno." Truck, buildings and barbed wire.

"Rural shot of Livorno countryside."

Hotel Schweizerhof in Switzerland. "Schweizerhof" written on building.

"Ray Matsushita and his buddies (Snuffy and Chuck Sugami)." Hills in the background. Likely taken in Italy.

View of hills.

Ruins of a building.

"Livorno shipping port." Buildings and water.

Aerial view of buildings.

Close up of railroad tracks with bridge in distance.

Building with a modern facade. Townspeople and cars.

Details of image indecipherable.

View of building and townspeople. "Baglioni" written on building.

"A more distant shot of the same square in Livorno." Far angle view of buildings and square.

Far angle view of buildings and square.

"Square in Livorno".

"Pen Beach in Livorno." Sunbathers on sand. Lifeguard on duty.

"Bambino with doll sitting in grass. Fence with barbed wire in background." Little girl holding a doll. Most likely in Livorno, Italy near Prisoner of War camp.

"Bambino holding her doll". Standing next to fence. Possibly outside prisoner of war compound.

"Two unknown soldiers standing next to a bell". Likely in Italy.

"Frank Ichimoto in Livorno". Standing next to brick wall.

"Ben Aoyagi on top of D Co.[Company] building". Buildings in background.

Castle on the top of a hill.

Castle on a hilltop.

"Canal thru Livorno". Canal and buildings on the right.

Standing next to water, with dog and buildings in background.

"Low tide at Livorno coast." Sea and coastline.

Rocks along a coastline.

View of ocean, buildings and coast in distance.

View of ocean beyond trees. Shoulder of individual in the right view of the image.

View of hill and ocean.

"Sign entering Livorno, Italy (Tuscany). Describing its history." Sign reading "Leghorn", with details of history.

Frank Ichimoto and Lloyd with their cameras. Leaning tower of Pisa and churches in background. Surname of Lloyd is unknown.

Interior of Pisa Cathedral.

Partial view of Pisa Cathedral and garden.

"Street view of dome church next to main church". Pisa Cathedral Dome. Townspeople and cars.

Dome church near Tower of Pisa. Pisa Cathedral.

Two statues of angels.

Ceiling mosaic of Jesus Christ

Facade and side view of the cathedral.

Exterior rear view of the cathedral.

"Rest stop by Bologna, Italy (Po Valley)". Photo taken from train. Crowd of people on trains. Few people on platform.

Street view with buildings and passersby.

Milan Cathedral door, .engraved with angels and biblical scene.

Duomo di Milano Cathedral with square in front. Milan Cathedral with a statue to the right.

"Square in Milano, Italy". Unknown statues in middle of the square.

View of water and bridge in distance.

Small village on hillside.

Remains of buildings.

Unknown statue of man riding horse in middle of square.

"Train depot at Brescia, Italy." Building at train depot.

Trees in front of lake and hills in background behind lake.

Distant view of lake, trees and hills in background.

"Tom Nagata boating on Lake Como. Not looking to happy." Casual portrait of Nagata.

"Man fishing along the North Como shore towards Switzerland." Man in small boat on lake. Trees and large building in background.

"Como Lake front. Boat docks along shore." Buildings to the left and big mountain in the distance.
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