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Furukawa discusses his experiences and assignments in Manila, Philippines and post-war Japan. While in the Philippines he met General Yamashita; while in Japan he visited with relatives. Furukawa also talks about how he met his wife and their…

M. Furuto talks about the end of the war and his life after the military. He talks about waiting in Europe to ship home after V-E Day. He also talks about his experiences traveling to the U.S. and his military discharge. He shares anecdotes regarding…

During this portion of the interview, Thomas Haga talks about his military experience, namely his embarkation and personal travels to the India-Burma Theater. Next, we hear Thomas discuss interrogating prisoners of war, as well as returning from the…

Hirasaki discusses his experiences in Europe during World War 2. He talks about the military jobs he had: his duties as laying wire for the 522nd and being part of a MP unit. He also shares recollections of close calls he endured and handling…

"Masa" discusses his military training at Fort Hood (Texas) and how went to Europe. He shares his experiences in New York City for furlough before deployment. He also talks about his combat experiences in Europe and how his life fair after his…

Iwasaki talks about his experiences during his rest and relaxation (R&R) period which included going into Nice and getting a new uniform. He then talks about Army food, and his experiences during the Gothic Line campaign.

Katayama talks about the end of World War 2 and his recollections of participating on the Gothic Line. He talks about his military career and participation in the Korean and Vietnam wars. He provides anecdotes regarding: guarding German POWs;…

Kim discusses gaining recognition and being placed on Honor Guard Duty. He details about his experiences in Leghorn (Livorno). Kim also discusses about his experiences in Vada, Italy.

Kim discusses his experiences at Biffontaine. He details about the journey to the aide station and his recovery after being wounded a second time. Kim also discusses his 30-day leave and being reassigned after the European War had ended .
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Kondo writes about missing his family, and about his daily routine overseas in Italy, which include eating many fruits that are sold to them by the Italian natives, and venturing into town.

Kunihiro talks about his experiences in combat and how he had to be reassigned due to Bronchitis. He shares anecdotes about sight seeing he did in Europe; his experience supervising German and Italian POWs laborers; and his being hospitalized. He…

Masuda discusses breaking the news to friends and family about volunteering for the army. He also talks about his furlough experience. Masuda discusses how he became a company clerk a pharmacist for the army.

Miyamoto describes the term, “million dollar wound”; talks about treating civilians in Bruyeres and treating wounded Germans; and his experiences in forests in France. He then provides some thoughts about the Lost Battalion rescue; discusses…

"Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki (My Photo Pictorial after WWII in Italy-1945+)". Standing in uniform with part of tent in background.

"442nd RCT sign in Ghedi, Italy". Sign has "Go For Broke" logo. Surrounding area is barren with mountain landscape in background. Some soldier in background next to military jeeps.

442nd RCT "Go For Broke" Club American Red Cross sign in Ghedi, Italy. Arrow below pointing to the right. A military truck in the background on the left. Dirt field with trees on outer rim.

"Yasunori Degichi". 3rd Platoon Tech Sgt.

Hiroshi G. Mizuki. 1st Scout of 442nd RCT. Wearing Go For Broke patch on uniform. Kneeling among the plants.

"Jun Honda". 2nd Scout of 442nd RCT.

"Frank Ichimoto". Rifleman in 442nd RCT. Left arm possibly in cast. Plants in background.

"Joe Nagata". BAR man in 442nd RCT. Head shot. Tent and hills in background.

"Charlie Moriwaki". Assistant BAR Man in 442nd RCT. Head shot.

"Tom Nagata". 2nd assistant BAR & ammo carrier. Head shot.

"Meiji Sheba". A rifleman in the 442nd RCT. Head shot. Soldiers in background.

"Tom Nakano". A rifleman in the 442nd RCT. Head shot. Tents in the background.

"Hiroto Nishita". A rifleman in the 442nd RCT. Head shots.

"Harry Shimada". A rifleman in the 442nd RCT. Head shot. Hills in the background.

"Herbert Hikichi". A rifleman in the 442nd RCT. Head shot. Hills in the background.

"Chester Muraoka". A rifleman in the 442nd RCT. Head shot.

"Tsueo "Snuffy" Tsukayama". Assistant Squad Leader (Sgt.) in the 442nd RCT.

"Iochi Murakami". A rifleman in the 442nd RCT. Head shot. Tent and hills in background.

"Jun Ono" A rifleman in the 442nd RCT. Head shot. Tent and hills in the background.

"Ray Matsushita". A squad leader (S. Sgt.) in the 442nd RCT. Head shot.

"Yasunori Deguchi. A Tech Sgt. in the 442nd RCT".

"Henry Oyasato". 1st Lt. F Co. Commander (formerly Capt. Joseph Wallace Hill).

Michio Takata (unclear which one he is). 1st Lt. F Co. Executive Officer. Soldier with cane holding 442nd flag.

"Hank & Michio Takata". Unclear who is who. Soldier with cane holding 442nd flag.

"1st Platoon F Co. (diminished) of the 442nd RCT". Group of 14 Japanese American troops. Photo taken at unknown military camp site.

"Roy "Bull" Suzuki. 1st Sgt. F Co. Holding the 442nd Co. F flag".

"Roy Suzuki. [1st Sgt. F Co.] Waving the 442nd Co. F flag".

"Roy Suzuki with guide-on" [the 442nd F Co. flag].

"Roy Suzuki with (standing) 'Longo' Narasaki, 'Tats,' (squating) Enoch Kanaya and Kiyoshi Morimoto".

"Roy Suzuki with Joe Nagata, "Pop" Murakami [holding dog]...(squating) Hiro Mizuki".

"Henry sitting on an abandoned couch"

"'Buzz' (My Bro) in Zirndorf, Germany. Behind is an abandoned German building".

"Frank Ichimoto and Ben Aoyagi at rifle range".

"A little horsing around among the troops". Four soldiers with rifles.

"Near Cecina, Italy"

Ben Aoyagi (holding dog), Richard Narasaki, Frank Ichimoto (with camera), and Ken Nobe (with camera and hands in pockets) outside a house in the country. Near Cecina, Italy.

"Bella Signorina in Vada, Italy". Standing in front of tent.

"Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] resting along the creek to Lago Garda." Sticking hand in the water.

"Frank cooling off in creek". Sitting with feet in water.

"Unknown soldiers during chow time in bivouac area in Brescia." Tents in background.

"Marilyn Horne (USO) in Lecco. Performing on stage for the soldiers." View of the back of soldiers' heads and Marilyn Horne in distance.

"Boat tour from Lecco to Como. Lunch stop at Bellagio Hotel (halfway point)." Building and hills in distance.

"'Pop' Murakami, Hitoshi Urada, and Zeke Kanzaki in Bellagio. Rest and Recuperation Army Air Corp)."

"Our boat docked at Bellagio in Lago Como." Boat on lake. Hill in background.

"Ready to leave for resort Como from Bellagio. Boarding the ship." Ship on lake. Crowd of people on dock. Hill in distance.

"Resort Como at a distance in front. Across the lake. "Mountains behind resort.

"View of Lake Como. Mountain valleys in the distance."

"Northern view of Lake Como to Switzerland." Hill populated with buildings to left. More hills to the right.

"Tour ship on Lake Como at a distance." Building atop rocky hill to the left. Mountain in distance.

"Hotel in front of Lake Como with boats docking."

"Como Lake front. Boat docks along shore." Buildings to the left and big mountain in the distance.

"Man fishing along the North Como shore towards Switzerland." Man in small boat on lake. Trees and large building in background.

"Tom Nagata boating on Lake Como. Not looking to happy." Casual portrait of Nagata.

Distant view of lake, trees and hills in background.

Trees in front of lake and hills in background behind lake.

"Train depot at Brescia, Italy." Building at train depot.

Unknown statue of man riding horse in middle of square.

Remains of buildings.

Small village on hillside.

View of water and bridge in distance.

"Square in Milano, Italy". Unknown statues in middle of the square.

Duomo di Milano Cathedral with square in front. Milan Cathedral with a statue to the right.

Milan Cathedral door, .engraved with angels and biblical scene.

Street view with buildings and passersby.

"Rest stop by Bologna, Italy (Po Valley)". Photo taken from train. Crowd of people on trains. Few people on platform.

Exterior rear view of the cathedral.

Facade and side view of the cathedral.

Ceiling mosaic of Jesus Christ

Two statues of angels.

Dome church near Tower of Pisa. Pisa Cathedral.

"Street view of dome church next to main church". Pisa Cathedral Dome. Townspeople and cars.

Partial view of Pisa Cathedral and garden.

Interior of Pisa Cathedral.

Frank Ichimoto and Lloyd with their cameras. Leaning tower of Pisa and churches in background. Surname of Lloyd is unknown.

"Sign entering Livorno, Italy (Tuscany). Describing its history." Sign reading "Leghorn", with details of history.

View of hill and ocean.

View of ocean beyond trees. Shoulder of individual in the right view of the image.

View of ocean, buildings and coast in distance.

Rocks along a coastline.

"Low tide at Livorno coast." Sea and coastline.

Standing next to water, with dog and buildings in background.

"Canal thru Livorno". Canal and buildings on the right.

Castle on a hilltop.

Castle on the top of a hill.

"Ben Aoyagi on top of D Co.[Company] building". Buildings in background.

"Frank Ichimoto in Livorno". Standing next to brick wall.

"Two unknown soldiers standing next to a bell". Likely in Italy.
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