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Letter to fellow congregation members in Seattle and other areas. Letter focuses on milestones such as weddings, births, and the congregation's activities, led by a Reverend Anderson. Wounded soldiers are also mentioned. Relocation activities and the…

Kim discusses growing up in California. He details about his experiences when joining the 100th Infantry Battalion. Kim also discusses the training he implemented with 100th Infantry Battalion.

Takahashi discusses the camaraderie of Japanese American soldiers. He details about the legacy of Nisei veterans. Takahashi also discusses his life after the army.

Photographs taken at Fort Snelling. Top photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with Colonel Rasmussen and his family. Bottom photograph of George Shimizu with Colonel Rasmussen and his family.

Top three photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu and George Shimizu's vacation at the Grand Canyon. Bottom photographs of George Shimizu, in military uniform, and Mary Shimizu at a dinner in Chicago.

Taken at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photographs depict Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with friends, riding canoes on the lake.

Barrack B dinner at Napoli Restaurant. Mary Yamamoto Shimizu pictured with George Shimizu at a dinner with fellow soldiers.

Photographs of George Shimizu, husband of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu at Dartmouth, Camp Savage, Minnesota and Ogden, Utah.

Yoshisuke Jack Kunitomi recounts his uncertainty about what his military duties were going to be as the war ended. Next, he discusses the Japanese reactions to Nisei fighting for the US, the Filipino adults who were reacted negatively to Nisei…

James McNaughton begins this interview part by discussing the differences between the Nisei fighting in the different theaters of War in WWII. Next, he discusses the importance of military intelligence to the war effort, and the Nisei's contributions…

James McNaughton begins the interview by giving a short biographical introduction and how he came to work for the Defense Language Institute. Next he discusses learning about the Nisei and their role in the Military Intelligence Service (MIS).…

Mitsuo Tominaga discusses his feeling about about being reassigned to an all Nisei unit, and their interactions with civilians while in Michigan. Next he describes his unit's time at Fort Shelby conducting weapons training, and the racial conditions…

Victor Abe describes his induction experiences at Fort MacArthur and then his basic training at Camp Robinson. After basic training he is assigned to Fort Warren before being accepted into the Military Intelligence Service at Camp Savage. Lastly,…

Seiki Tamae describes the attack on Pearl Harbor, his return to high school in Hawaii, and his feelings about his family back in Okinawa. Next Seiki talks about the 442nd and the feelings Hawaiians and Nisei felt about the unit and their battles in…

Mr. Mitsui discusses his family's knowledge about his military and incarceration experiences and talks about how Japanese-Americans were forced to prove their loyalty during World War II. Mr. Mitsui also discusses his family, including what happened…

Mr. Mitsui describes his time serving in occupied Japan, talking about the living conditions in Japan after the war, traveling through the country, and some of the duties the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) were assigned in Japan. Mr. Mitsui also…

Mr. Mitsui describes the living conditions and facilities at Tule Lake and discusses the "no-no boys" who were moved into the camp. He talks about joining the Army and the hurt of losing a close family friend who served in the 442nd in Italy. Just as…

Mach Shoji dressed in jacket, pants and boots. Shoji is standing in front of a US Army supply truck.

Mack Shoji lounging in a window sill. Shoji was in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, E Company.

Raymond Shigenaga and W.M Seiji standing outside of armory.

"The Gang." Gerries beyond the mountains. Group of Nisei soldiers leisurely sitting on the side of the road. Half of the men are using their helmets as stools to sit on. Hills are seen in the background.

Gary Tanji (4th from right) with other Japanese American soldiers.

Page 72 of Gilbert T. Tanji, Military Intelligence Service Photograph album, 1 photograph.

Top row, Gilbert Tanji at Lake Minetonka, St. Paul, Minnesota. Unknown woman in a flower dress.

Bottom row, Gilbert Tanji on grass, and next to Mary Tanji's purse and small umbrella.

GIs aboard ship sailing out of harbor

Name on list being called. Soldiers sitting on building steps reading their papers.

"Guys learn of going home. They are excited (Frank Ichimoto)." Smiling solider.

Kaz Takusagawa standing in front of brick wall with bandana around his neck and in uniform.

Kaz Takusagawa in uniform, in front of tall hedge.

Tsuboi and Frank Ichimoto getting Repple Depple (replacement depot) notice.

Norris, Ken, and John at Milano American Red Cross Club.

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] by skating rink in Engelberg. Snow-covered ground.

Ken Nobe in front of [Schweizerhof] hotel. Signs on building "tea room" and "restauration". Snow-covered ground.

Ken Nobe skating on outdoor rink in front of hotel. Buildings and trees in background.

Richard Miyashiro in Vada. Buildings and hills in far background.

Sarb Tanaka in kneeling in front of grape vines.

Saburo (Sarb) Tanaka and Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki. Army trucks in background behind grape vines.

"Kariya sitting on concrete roller." Unknown building in background. Go For Broke patch visible on shoulder.

Henry Mizuki. Hiroshi Mizuki's cousin. Standing by truck, handling supplies.

"Slim and friend in Vada."

"Johnny Imamura and Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki at camp site in Vada. Their tents set up behind them."

Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki in Rome. Standing on steps.

Corporal Kino and woman standing in front of building.

"Kimura and Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] in Livorno. Amongst the foot traffic on the sidewalk". Crowd of townspeople.

"Kimura, Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] & Hirose in Livorno. Statue/fountain in background".

"Jun Honda and the photo lab group".

Ken Nobe & Richard Miyashiro. Sitting in army jeep. Most likely taken in Italy.

Frank Ichimoto. Buildings in background.

"Ben Tachihara and Kaz Takusagawa at Vada camp ground". Sitting on rocks near water.

"Lloyd Hoshide at guard post. At PWE Ordinance." Holding rifle.

Frank Ichimoto leaning on a fence.

"Semi tank assigned to the 442nd [Regimental Combat Team]." Two soldiers in the cockpit". Three soldiers visible in tank.

Richard Miyashiro and Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki.

Richard Miyashiro leaning against a building, illegible sign behind him.

Iochi Murakami sitting, deep shadow behind him.

"Frank Ichimoto in F Co. yard". Young boy in background. Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Ben Aoyagi at Camp II Ordinance guard shack at entrance of POW [Prisoners of War] stockade". Sign reading "All [illegible] stop here for check". Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Milton "Zeke" Kanzaki atop of D Co. building". Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] at guard shack ordinance area". Standing next to shack and fence. Photograph likely captured in Italy.

Slim at guard shack in Livorno. Standing in front of shack and barbed wire.

"Pop Murakami with two guys". Photo most likely taken in Italy.

"Unknown soldier sitting along wall of bridge." Photograph likely captured in Italy.

Two unknown Japanese American soldiers with a dog. Photograph likely captured in Italy.

Unknown Japanese American soldier standing next to the ruins of a building

"Paisan "Slim" in Livorno. Petting a merchant's horse". Caucasian man, horse and cart.

"Statue di Hitoshi Urada in Florence. Hitoshi Urada standing on base of pillar". Another soldier and soldiers in background.

"Frank thumbing to Florence. Left arm in sling". Wearing sunglasses.

"Saburo "Sarb" leaning against wall by doorway. Unknown soldier sitting on steps reading a letter". At doorway to building.

"Hiro Mizuki in Florence". Only base of statue visible. Buildings in background.

"Frank Ichimoto in Florence". Only base of statue visible. Buildings in background. Wearing sunglasses.

"Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] in front of church doors". Elaborately ornate doors. Most likey taken in Florence, Italy.

"Church being renovated in Florence". Soldiers in front building.

"Kimura and Victor Hirose". Most likely taken in Italy.

"Richard Narasaki sitting on rooftop wall with camera around his neck". Photograph likely taken in Italy.

"Ben Aoyagi, Zeke Kanzaki, Frank Ichimoto and some guy inching in".

"Two unknown soldiers standing next to a bell". Likely in Italy.

"Frank Ichimoto in Livorno". Standing next to brick wall.

Johnny Imamura. In Vada area, behind is woodlands.

Victor Hirose. Tents and trees in background. Likely captured in an Italian Prisoner of War Compound.

"Paisan going to work at ordinance compound". Image of his back, walking away. Guard shack and gate. Railroad tracks visible.

"Ben Aoyagi on top of D Co.[Company] building". Buildings in background.

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] standing next to shack.

Frank Ichimoto and Lloyd with their cameras. Leaning tower of Pisa and churches in background. Surname of Lloyd is unknown.

"Tom Nagata boating on Lake Como. Not looking to happy." Casual portrait of Nagata.

"'Pop' Murakami, Hitoshi Urada, and Zeke Kanzaki in Bellagio. Rest and Recuperation Army Air Corp)."

"Frank Ichimoto wearing sunglasses and Camp Hood teeshirt."

"Frank Ichimoto on low [k]noll". Wearing sunglasses.

"Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki on low [k]noll"

"'Snuffy' Tsukayama holding a puppy. Outside of his tent."

"Frank Ichimoto also at electric tower. Kneeling with rifle." Mountains in background.

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] leaning with rifle next to electric tower.

"Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] and Frank [Ichimoto] having fun in Lecco". Play sword-fighting with sticks. Tents and hills in background.

Soldiers with arms around shoulders.

Soldiers eating, mountainous terrain in background.

"Frank Ichimoto with bambinos of Lecco." Bambinos slang for young children or babies.

Clock tower, trees and mountainous landscape in distance.

"Frank [Ichimoto] relishing chow". Sitting cross-legged on the ground. Other soldiers' tents in background.

"Frank Ichimoto chowing down." Sitting in the dirt. Tents in background.

"Unknown soldiers during chow time in bivouac area in Brescia." Tents in background.

"Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] and Frank at creek (pup-tent buddies during F Co. [Company])"

"Frank cooling off in creek". Sitting with feet in water.
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