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"'Snuffy' Tsukayama holding a puppy. Outside of his tent."

Tents with mountainous terrain in background.

Soldiers eating, mountainous terrain in background.

Aerial view of prisoner of war camp.

"Bambino holding her doll". Standing next to fence. Possibly outside prisoner of war compound.

Ben Aoyagi at guard shack with rifle.

"Enoch Kanaya. F Co. Sgt. 2nd Plt. [Platoon] F Co. Holding 442nd Co. F flag". Buildings in background.

"Ordinance POW [Prisoner of War] camp Numbe. 2. Entrance to POW compound. Guard shack at left of entrance". Sign at entrance reads "Ordnance POW camp no. 2".

"Frank "Brow" Fukuzawa. Tech Sgt. in 442nd RCT". Head shot.

"Frank Fukuzawa. Tech Sgt. 2nd F Co.".

"Frank Ichimoto and Ben Aoyagi at rifle range".

"Frank Ichimoto also at electric tower. Kneeling with rifle." Mountains in background.

The 442nd, formed of Americans of Japanese ancestry (Nisei) being welcomed back to Italy from France by General Clark, just before their west coast attack was launched. General Clark on right with back turned to camera.

"Harry Oyama and Ken Nobe".

"Harry Oyama at guard tower". Barbed wire fence behind him.

"Higashi G. Kariya on guard duty" Next to railroad tracks.

"Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki on low [k]noll"

Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki.

"Hisashi Kariya at guard shack".

"Nagata. Tech Sgt. in 442nd RCT". Head shot.

"Jun Honda and the photo lab group".

"Jun Morita, James Kobayashi, Shig Kihara, and Sumi Sumihiro departing for MIS".

"Kariya sitting on concrete roller." Unknown building in background. Go For Broke patch visible on shoulder.

"Ken Nobe".

"Man getting set-up for target practice". Soldiers in field.

Italian merchants in rowboats with goods and food items. Image is captured from above, presumably from the side of a ship.

Stockade compound.

Rows of tents in POW (Prisoner of War) compound. Building next to compound,

"Richard Miyashiro next to 442nd 2nd Battalion and 100 Battalion signs".

"Rifle range". A soldier aiming at the targets, ready to shoot. Three other soldiers watching.

"Sam Kinoshita. S. Sgt. 1st Plt. Squad Leader". Head shot.

"Sign on gate entrance of compound. Written in German". Warning to visitors.

Girls identified as "Swiss misses." Two Caucasian girls with head scarfs and winter jackets leaning against a brick wall.

Soldiers with arms around shoulders.

"Unknown soldier on guard duty". Standing next to railroad tracks and remnants of damaged building in background.

Football game half time, band marching on the field.

"Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki (My Photo Pictorial after WWII in Italy-1945+)". Standing in uniform with part of tent in background.
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Japanese American soldier with two Italian boys, in the background are oil drums, trees and an illegible sign.

Marilyn Hare, arms stretched to her sides, singing with standing microphone. Presumably Hare is traveling with the United Service Organization

Norris E. Sword, Army Air Force. Standing in front of tall hedge.

Saburo (Sarb) Tanaka and Hiro [Hiroshi] Mizuki. Army trucks in background behind grape vines.

Sarb Tanaka in kneeling in front of grape vines.
Scan 51.jpg

Soldier sitting on corner curb, sign behind and across the street is "mecanique" , mechanic.

Photo of Yuki Akaki and Hideo Fujiki (another soldier) in uniform in Italy (from a scrapbook)

Photo of Yuki smiling in front of a Roman building
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