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Text for photograph states, "US troop ship limps into harbor from Livorno for repair."

Small dog standing on hind legs.

"Repple Depple harbor. (Our ship for home). Army trucks. Troops there gathered around cargo boxes."

"Kimura and Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] in Livorno. Amongst the foot traffic on the sidewalk". Crowd of townspeople.

"Kimura, Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] & Hirose in Livorno. Statue/fountain in background".

"Wrecked in building in Livorno".

Slim at guard shack in Livorno. Standing in front of shack and barbed wire.

Japanese American soldier, "Slim" standing by statue of woman kneeling. Inside a room.

"Paisan "Slim" in Livorno. Petting a merchant's horse". Caucasian man, horse and cart.

"At a [United Services Organization] show in downtown Livorno". Woman singing,

"Summer of Pen Beach (like Southern California)". In Livorno, Italy.

"Roy Suzuki going for a dip at Pen Beach". Many sunbathers on sand.

"Dick Narasaki, Frank Ichimoto, and Joe Nagata at Pen Beach". View of ocean and sand.

"Scene of Pen Beach". Many people at beach, on sand.

"Roy Suzuki and friend at Pen Beach". Laying on sand, with building in background.

"Industrial area of Livorno." Truck, buildings and barbed wire.

"Rural shot of Livorno countryside."

Ruins of a building.

"Livorno shipping port." Buildings and water.

Aerial view of buildings.

Close up of railroad tracks with bridge in distance.

Building with a modern facade. Townspeople and cars.

Details of image indecipherable.

View of building and townspeople. "Baglioni" written on building.

"A more distant shot of the same square in Livorno." Far angle view of buildings and square.

Far angle view of buildings and square.

"Square in Livorno".

"POW [Prisoner of War] compound in Livorno. Lines of tents".

"More areas in Livorno. Barbed wire fences and power lines in Livorno." Possibly on or near Prisoner of War Camp.

"Pen Beach in Livorno." Sunbathers on sand. Lifeguard on duty.

"Frank Ichimoto in Livorno". Standing next to brick wall.

"Paisan going to work at ordinance compound". Image of his back, walking away. Guard shack and gate. Railroad tracks visible.

Industrial area with hills, buildings, and trucks.

Industrial area with tanks.

Rows of tents, power lines, and trucks. Most likely Prisoner of War Compound.

Two soldiers walking along road in front of building.

Buildings and power line.

Image captured from above the port, water and buildings visible.

Rows of tents.

"German [Women Army Corps] quarters at Pen Beach". Women sunbathing on sand and in front of a large shack.

Women sitting on bench and against large shack. Barbed wire.

Railroad tracks, power lines.

"More view of POW [Prisoner of War]/PWE Ordinance compound in Livorno". Aerial view of prisoner of war compound. Rows of tents, buildings and hills in the distance.

"POW [Prisoner of War]/PWE Ordinance compound in Livorno. Lines of tents."

Hiro [Hiroshi Mizuki] standing next to shack.

Single building in view with roof missing and windows gutted.

Port of Livorno view of narrow waterway, with buildings and trucks visible in the image.

Ship leaving Port of Livorno. Ship visible above building rooftops, and ocean in background.

Ship docked in port of Livorno.

View of the building facade.

"Canal thru Livorno". Canal and buildings on the right.

View from street-level looking upward at gutted buildings.

View of Livorno hotel with on right of the image with collapsed walls.

Close-up of interior of the building from street-view with dilapidated and collapsed walls.

The right half of the facade of the church is collapsed.

Sign reads "Livorno, Camp II", and has a painting of the camp.

Sign reads "Livorno Camp II" with a painting, possibly of the camp.

Hiroshi Mizuki at the guard shack entrance of PWE ( Political War Executive) Ordinance Compound in Livorno.

Standing next to water, with dog and buildings in background.

"Low tide at Livorno coast." Sea and coastline.

Rocks along a coastline.

View of ocean, buildings and coast in distance.

View of ocean beyond trees. Shoulder of individual in the right view of the image.

"Sign entering Livorno, Italy (Tuscany). Describing its history." Sign reading "Leghorn", with details of history.

"Frank 'Brow' Fukuzawa. F Co. [Company] area in Livorno"

"Ken Nobe and Richard Narasaki in Livorno, Italy. Riding military jeep".

"Pass in review. Soldiers marching in formation led by soldier carrying company flag". On road. Building in background.

Band marching [to center of Livorno Square]. Buildings in background.

"Marching in review". Four soldiers in middle carrying the American flag and other unidentified flag.

"Soldiers lined up in Livorno Square for parade".

"Side view of parade". Soldiers lined up by building.

"Into position for parade in Livorno Square".

"Parade practice at Co. area." Soldiers lined up in formation with helmets and rifles.

"A little horsing around among the troops". Four soldiers with rifles.

"Ben Aoyagi on guard duty at PWE Compound in Livorno, Italy".

Sgt. [Seargent] Robert Masao Baba in Livorno (Leghorn), Italy. He is posing, right leg perched on the military truck, with cap in hand.

Robert Masao Baba (sunglasses) in truck. Name of soldier on the left unknown. In Livorno (Leghorn), Italy.

At 61st Btn [Batalion] hospital. Tom Kawabara and James Kawamoto, playing with a dog on the side of the road. On the reverse of image: "Leghorn, Italy. June '46. At 61st Btn. Hospital. Tom Kawabara and James Kawamoto."

Port of Leghorn, Italy, embarkation. Second Lt. [Lieutenant] Mary Klein. Image captured from U.S.S. Wilson.

Day of embarkation. Col. [Colonel] Francis Hudson Oxx. Before embarking on S.S. Wilson.

Miller talking with another officer at the port of embarkation to Leghorn, Italy. Japanese American soldiers in background getting belongings ready to board ship.
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