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Top two photographs of Mary Yamamot Shimizu in business attire. Bottom photograph of George Shimizu with army buddies overseas in Mindanao.

Photographs of George Shimizu (husband of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu) while overseas in Mindanao, Philippines. Top photograph of group photograph (George located on far right) holding Japanese flags. Middle left photograph of George holding a Japanese…

Top and middle photographs of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu. Bottom two photographs are portraits of George Shimizu when he was stationed in Mindanao, Philippines during World War II.

Photographs of George Shimizu during his military service in the Philippines. Top photograph of George in Mindanao driving a Jeep. Bottom photograph of George Shimizu with other soldiers, "tentmates" in Leyte.

General Morozumi signing surrender documents on Mindanao, Philippines. Tatsuo Yamane (back to the camera) was the interrogator for the captured Japanese general and other high ranking officers that surrendered in the Philippines. The Japanese general…

General Morozumi (sitting on right of table) signing surrender documents on Mindanao, Philippines in September 1945.

Children playing volleyball at Japanese P.O.W. [Prisoners of War] Camp in Mindanao.
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