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Photographs taken at Fort Snelling. Top photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with Colonel Rasmussen and his family. Bottom photograph of George Shimizu with Colonel Rasmussen and his family.

Group photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with friends, sitting at a dinner table at Charlies Restaurant in Minneapolis.

Top left photograph of Mary Yamamoto Shimizu holding a baby, Francesca. Bottom right photograph of Mary holding the same baby with friend, Sione.

Single top right photograph of George Shimizu playing baseball in Mindanao,…

Full-length portrait of Mary with an inscription, "To my darling" and "with all of my love, Mary." Additional caption on the page.

Taken at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Photographs depict Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with friends, riding canoes on the lake.

Mary Yamamoto Shimizu with two friends at a homestead in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Captions on all images.

Barrack B dinner at Napoli Restaurant. Mary Yamamoto Shimizu pictured with George Shimizu at a dinner with fellow soldiers.

Top row, left:" Mom [Gilbert Tanji's mother] and Marry Sakai", top row, middle, Joseph Makata; top row, right, Mary Shige and Lucy Kishi standing by a young tree. Images possibly captured from within American Concentration Camp; barracks in…

Photographs captured at Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis. Gilbert Tanji is in uniform.

Mary and Gilbert Tanji at the lake.


Yoshino discusses about going overseas and his experiences in both Manila and Japan. He details being discharged, going to college, and meeting his wife. Yoshino also talks about his life during retirement and the legacy of the Niseis.

Yoshino discusses about growing up on a farm, his home life, and his family. He details about the aftermath from Pearl Harbor and his experience with forced removal. Yoshino also discusses about his experiences in Pinedale Temporary Detention Center…

Honda discusses about Seabrook Farms and working for 3M. He details about his wife, children, grandchildren, and the relationship with his brother. Honda also discusses about his involvement with Japanese Redress, his hopes for the future, and giving…

Honda continues to discuss the aftermath from Pearl Harbor and sheds some light on his high school sports career. He details about his experiences at the Fresno Temporary Detention Center, Jerome Concentration Camp, and in Cleveland, Ohio. Honda…

Honda discusses about his family and childhood upbringing. He details about his childhood friends, social activities, and his health as a child. Honda also discusses about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath.

Oshiro continues speaking on his time in occupied Japan and the language training that he received once he arrived there. He talks about the conditions of the Japanese civilians and the struggles that they faced on a daily basis. He talks about the…

Oshiro begins the interview with a short introduction and talking about his whereabouts during the Japanese surrender during World War Two. Next, he talks about his childhood, growing up in Hawaii and being brought up with a heavy influence of…

Akaki writes this letter not too long after his previous letter to his sister dated October 22, 1944. He finally received the mail that he had been waiting for. He mentions to his sister that he has been corresponding with their younger brother. He…

Akaki describes the surrounding area of France and its harsh, rainy weather. He writes that the views in France are more appealing than those he experienced in Italy. He comments on slow mail service, and hopes to receive mail soon so that he can…
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