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Hiaoka gives some closing remarks and gives a message to future generations.

Hiraoka discusses about his experiences with 442nd Regimental Combat Team in Italy and France. Including experiences during the Lost Battalion and Carrara. He details his homecoming experiences. Hiraoka also discusses about his post-war life,…

Hiraoka discusses about his wife, volunteering, and constitutional rights. He details about arriving at an experiences at Camp Shelby. Hiraoka also briefly discusses about his experiences in Italy France.

Hiraoka discusses about his early experiences at Gila River Concentration Camp and trying to farm. He details about working in a law office inside camp and details about the projects he worked. Hiraoka also discusses about meeting his wife and social…

Hiraoka discusses about a hate crime that occurred while at law school. He details peoples fear of the Japanese and he discusses an acquaintance. Hiraoka also discusses about his experiences at Gila River Concentration Camp.

Hiraoka discusses about his childhood and his plans for the future. He details about is life after high school, experiences during the Great Depression, and experiences at law school. Hiraoka also discusses about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath.

Hiraoka discusses about his childhood, his encounter with discrimination, and the teachers that made an impact in his life. He details about his high school athletics career. Hiraoka also discusses about his experiences in his high school's rotary…

Hiraoka discusses about his family and their history. He discusses about farming and his education. Hiraoka also discusses about different aspects of his childhood, including friends, playing sports, neighbors.
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