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Top row, left: Mrs. Lyl Barak, Head Dietitian, Glen Lake Sanatorium; Top row, middle: Gilbert [Tanji]; Top row, right and bottom row left, Mary and Gilbert [Tanji] on the porch of a bed and breakfast;

Bottom row, middle: Mary Sakai. Written on…

Larger photograph on left: Mary & Gilbert Tanji. Dietetic intern. 1944-1945 Rochester, Minnesota.

Top right: Two unknown female nurses; Bottom right: Denver General Student nurse, Ruth Tobian.

Top row, left: Gilbert Tanji [in Rochester, Minnesota]; top row, right: Gilbert [Tanji in Rochester, Minnesota].

Bottom row, left photograph: Shizuo Tsujihara; bottom row, middle: Sgt [Sergeant]. Shirai in front of the barracks. written on image…

Three photographs of Gilbert Tanji in front of a building in Rochester, Minnesota in uniform.

One militaryportrait of Private Arnold Ohki with message, "To Gilbert, Sincerely Private Arnold Ohki."

Snow-covered building in Rochester, Minnesota. Right image missing, in it's place "Tanji video" written. Image description, "Camp Blanding, Florida" April 20, 1944

Mary Tanji in her nurse uniform. Unknown snow-covered town in other images, possibly Rochester, Minnesota. Bottom, right photograph missing.
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