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Mountain pass through Switzerland. Train cables visible, image captured from train.

"Going thru more mountain scenes." Snow-covered mountains.

Depot stop in the mountain. Snow-covered mountains.

"More mountain passes." Snow-covered mountains.

"On our way back to Lucerne thru mountains."

"On our way to Zurich thru mountains on train." View of snow-covered mountain.

"Practicing with our skis before our run." View of snow-covered mountains.

"Ski run five (5) mile course (Days run for us)." View of snow-covered mountains.

Area for ski run on the mountain. Snow-covered mountains.

Ken Nobe in front of [Schweizerhof] hotel. Signs on building "tea room" and "restauration". Snow-covered ground.

Bob Suckerstorff with skis. In front of Schweizerhoff hotel.

Norris and Bob [Suckerstorff] in front of Schweizerhof hotel. "Bob Suckerstorff ready for skiing."

"RC ladies also on tour. Standing in front of Garten Restaurant in the snow." "Garten-Restaurant" written on building. "RC"most likely referring to American Red Cross.

Norris E. Sword, John Fagan, and Robert E. Suckerstorff in front of [Schweizerhof] hotel. Snow-covered ground.

Group of Swiss boys in front of Schweizerhof hotel. Snowing.

"Swiss tot skating down main street." Snow and shops in background.

"Swiss girl skating on rink."

Ken Nobe skating on outdoor rink in front of hotel. Buildings and trees in background.

Hotel Schweizerhof in Switzerland. "Schweizerhof" written on building.
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