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Endo discusses his experiences with Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS)in post-war Japan. He details being apart of the war crime trials. Endo also discusses the work he performed in Japan after leaving the Army to work as a civilian.

Endo discusses more about his experiences in occupied Japan. He details about his involvement with gymnastics and his post-military business. Endo also discusses about his wife and how they got married.

Fujimoto looks through various pictures and narrates the subject matter. The pictures include General MacArthur's wife and son, Colonel Mark Logie, gymnastics sessions at Pasadena City College, various pictures throughout occupied Japan, and finishes…

Sakamoto continues talking about his time in High School, growing up with very few Japanese Americans and taking an interest in astronomy and gymnastics. Next, he talks about his whereabouts during the attacks on Pearl Harbor, not believing it at…
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