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About the project

The project headquarters are at Go For Broke National Education Center (GFBNEC) in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. In 2014, the collaborators were awarded a Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) grant under the "Digitizing Special Collections and Archives" program.

In 2015, Go For Broke National Education Center hired staff to begin the project's activities. In addition to staff, several Information Sciences/Library and Information Sciences graduate student interns dedicated a semester's worth of class hours cataloging oral histories (approximately 1,000 hours total). Additionally, several part-time project archives assistants worked similarly. Without the dedicated work of these individuals, this project would not be here today. 

In no particular order, these dedicated individuals are:

Lana Kang, Ashley Clay, Gabriel Ruiz, Sean Stanley, Alan Hino, Simone Luevano, Andre Handy, Kahlia Vaillancourt, and Aaron Neilson. 

GFBNEC project staff were charged with the planning, implementation, and documentation of the activities of the project. These activities included scanning analog photographs and text using acceptable standards, creating the appropriate metadata fields and guidelines for metadata creation, creating workflows and troubleshooting and augmenting practices as needed. 

Project Documentation

Below are some of the documentation objects created for the project. 

[Metadata guidelines]

[Indexing guidelines]

Project Presentations

Project staff was active in sharing project work and outcomes with the information professional communities including the Society of California Archivists Mini-Conference in San Diego, California (2015), Oral History Association Conference in Long Beach, California(2016) and the National Diversity in Libraries conference in Los Angeles, California (2016).