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Keyword Advanced Search (How To)

Item Advanced Search

Description fields have been created to provide access to items in the database. See the description fields page for a list of available fields. 

Each of these fields are searchable using the "Advanced Search (items only)" access point located at the top right of the website.


Website Asset- Advanced Collection


To perform an advanced search, which is available for items only (not collections), hover over the three “…”  on any page of the website and select “Advanced Search.” 

When in the database's advanced search, you can narrow your search by fields- by what is or is not populated in that field. 

1. To narrow by specific fields select any one or more of the fields from the drop-down menu. See the Description Fields page for a list of available fields. 

2. Select what you want to be included or excluded from the search by selecting

[field] contains

[field] does not contain

[field] is exactly

[field] is empty

[field] is not empty

3. Enter text after the options for including and excluding content. In this example, we have created a search in the fields TYPE and LANGUAGE to be "correspondence" and "English" both of which are fields with controlled vocabularies. For a list of controlled vocabulary, see the Browse by field page