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Oral History Queries

Oral histories in this database will have varying levels of description:

Basic Description:

Description will not include a summary of the narrative but will include biographic content of the narrator. If a URL is available for the oral history, the URL address is included in the metadata for viewing. A verbatim transcription of the interview will also be included with the interview if available. 

For a list of the biographic content for oral history interviews, see the Oral History Items section of the Description Fields page. The Browse by field page also has the controlled lists of content that populate elements: War/Conflict, Battle/Campaign, and Unit of Service fields. 

Index/Segment Description:

Description includes a summary of the narrative, as well as an index of the interview. This is also known as "segment-level" description. Description is generally divided up into 2-5 minute segments. Description includes segment titles and keywords, all of which are keyword searchable.

If you see  this image  XML file thumbnail in an oral history item, that means the item has segment-level description.

Indexing has been performed using an open-source and free tool developed by the University of Kentucky's Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History's Oral History Metadata Synchronizer.