Kenneth Masamitsu oral history interview, August 21, 2004

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Kenneth Masamitsu oral history interview, August 21, 2004

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Kenneth Masamitsu describes his personal history and family background. He talks about his parents, siblings, and about his childhood, which include attending Japanese language school, learning judo, and growing up in Lomita, California.

Kenneth Masamitsu describes how his life changed after his mother's passing, about becoming employed, and his experience attending high school.

Kenneth Masamitsu describes being drafted into the military, about his experience in basic training, and his recruitment into the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. He also recalls hearing the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and visiting a few of the…

Kenneth Masamitsu talks about how his brother was wounded in action, about becoming a commissioned officer, and his journey overseas. He also describes his experience fighting in the European Theater, and becoming assigned to the Anti-Tank Company.

Kenneth Masamitsu recalls how he was wounded in Italy, and about returning to his platoon before they entered France. He describes his experiences in Bruyeres, and about the Rescue of the Lost Battalion. He also talks about receiving a Purple Heart…

Kenneth Masamitsu describes more memories from his military service overseas, his duties at the end of the war, and becoming a farmer. He tells the story about how he met his wife, talks about his family, and about the importance of remembering the…

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