Aleutian Islands Campaign veteran clippings

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Aleutian Islands Campaign veteran clippings


Kasukabe, Karl Kaoru: author


A booklet of newsletter articles, letters and photographs, highlighting the Japanese and American soldiers' shared experiences in the Aleutian Islands during World War II, as well as celebrate a respect and new-found friendship between individuals on both sides of the war.

The booklet is a series of photographs, letters and clippings from the perspective of and compiled by a Japanese war veteran, Karl Kasukabe with correspondence to and from Japanese and American veterans.










Fred Sats Tanakatsubo Collection
Japanese American Service Committee



Items in the Aleutian Islands Campaign veteran clippings Collection

Booklet page. "The Aleutians Front Graphics: As Told by the American and Japanese Men Who Fought in the Aleutians Front"
Item looks to be the front and back cover of the items in this collection. Karl Kaoru Kasukabe is a Japanese veteran who fought in the Aleutian Islands and according to this publication, is President of the Commercial Art Center (CAC) in Nagoya,…

Booklet page. Article "Sleeping here a brave hero who lost youth and happiness for his Motherland!" in Japan Alpine-Ski Soldiers Association Publication
"The Army and Navy Japanese Anti-aircraft Batteries and Anti-aircraft Machine-gun Batteries have lost 40 per cent of their comrades by the fierce American air-raids and naval bombardments from June 7, 1942 to July 25, 1945. On leaving Kiska Island,…

Booklet page. Partial letter to Japan Alpine-ski Soldiers Association
In two headings: "Common Memorial Service in Aleutian Island" and "Ready to Charter American Cruising Steamship" Kasukabe writes to members Japan Alpine-ski Soldiers Association about his attending, as associate member of the 10th Mountain Division,…

Booklet page. Letter from Karl Kaoru Kasukabe, Japan Alpine-ski Soldiers Association, to Mr. Walter Tanaka, Registrar, MIS [Military Intelligence Service] 50th Anniversary Reunion, October 23, 1991<br />
Letter of thanks to Walter Tanaka for registering him, as well as an overview of topics at the Kiska Veterans Society Reunion, held on October 20, 1991 at Maizuru Naval Port. Including Individuals mentioned by name are former Lieutenant David M.…

Booklet page. Letter from Karl Kaoru Kasukabe, secretary of Japan Alpine-ski Soldiers Association to Mr. Tom Sakamoto,Chairman, MIS [Military Intelligence Service] 50th Anniversary Reunion, May 27, 1991
Kasukabe relays information about his service teaching Japanese to "Aleuts" and to the "telecommunication intelligence service" during the Aleutian Islands Campaign.

He expresses his desire to meet Japanese American veterans and to share…

Booklet page. Letter from Sylvia Kobayashi to Mr. Karl Kasukabe, May 17, 1991
Letter of thanks for Kasukabe sending his book, "American Bound" and discussing activities of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Military Intelligence Service.

Kobayashi notifies Kasukabe of a friend--Henry Suyehira-- has been stricken ill.…

Booklet page. Letter from Sherman Smith, National Association of the 10th Mountain Division, Incorporated to Mr. Kiichi Kakae, November 4, 1986
Correspondence relating to a possible meeting between veteran groups of Japan and the United States. Smith writes, "...we did not have to kill each other, although I am sure if things had happened differently we would, at the command of our…

Booklet page. &quot;Dog that served two nations&quot; essay and photographs
Kasukabe recounts a dog named "Explosion" who had both been cared for by Japanese and American soldiers on Kiska Island. The dog's Japanese name was "Katsu" and "never failed to attend the cremation services -- giving sad, long howl[s] at dark,…

Booklet page. Letter from David M. Nelson to Karl Kasukabe, July 6, 1989
Nelson, Secretary-Editor of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football Rules Committee, writes to Kasukabe to thank him for previous correspondence. He states that a Mr. Furukawa is visiting him in New York City, states his feelings…

Booklet page. &quot;William House standing in front of Japanese &#039;Semi-round Camp&#039; with Japanese Marines on Kiska Island, July 1942.
Japanese text not translated. English text is written as a recollection of William C. House surrendering to Japanese soldier Shinzo Naruuchi. Text refers to a photograph of William House with Japanese Marines on Kiska Island, 1942, having…

Booklet page. United States Caucasian soldiers with dogs in Aleutian Islands
Two soldiers named, Colonel William O. Earickson, [Erickson] with "Skootch" at Umnak and an unknown soldier with a puppy. The National Collegiate Athletic Association Football Rules Committee letterhead is at the bottom of the page, as is a page…

Booklet page. &quot;Playing with Aleuts in Attu Island, June, July, and August 1942&quot;
Two photographs on single page of Japanese Soldiers with locals. One photograph of Japanese soldier playing with children. Text in Japanese with the exception of photographic caption. Page is numbered, 9.

Booklet page. Two photographs  of Japanese soldiers in Attu Island, 1992
Caption of first photograph: "Playing with the Aleuts at Attu Island in 1942." Caption of the bottom photograph, "Karl Kasukabe, Interpreter, teaching Japanese to the Aleut children at the hill commanding the view of Chichagof village in July,…

Booklet page. Article, Sherman Smith, 10th Mountain Division returns flag of Japan to Karl Kasukabe
Short sub-article on a page with partial article about Japanese soldier evacuation of Attu Island. Article recounts Sherman Smith's desire to return a flag he removed from Attu to Karl Kasukabe.

Booklet page. Article &quot;Sun Presentation Ceremony from Mr. Sherman L Smith&quot; with photograph
Article seemingly written by or for Karl Kaoru Kasukabe. The address of Karl Kaoru Kasukabe follows the following text:

"Karl Kasukabe received Sun Flat, a substitute for himself as a casualty, with tears from formerly S/Sgt. Sherman L Smith at…

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