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During World War II, Ozima was stationed at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, Arkansas and Camp Shelby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Having attended Japanese Language School as a child, Ozima was selected for the Military Intelligence Service and specialized language training at Camp Savage, Minnesota. Following training, Ozima was assigned to Vint Hill Farms Station in Fauquier, Virginia; and after the war, he was stationed in Japan. In Japan, Ozima met Kazue Ikeda, a waitress in the military camp. The two married on August 13, 1947. That same year, Ozima completed his military service, and the couple moved to Chicago, Illinois.

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An overview of the Military Intelligence School procedures and expectations of soldiers. This includes regulations for communication including classification of the MIS Language school as a "restricted" activity.

The Bulletin identifies John F.…

Program belonging to Shig Ozima with seventeen (17) signatures of other graduates including their city of residence. John F. Aiso, technical director, Tec 5 Herbert H. Kano, Tec 5 Harry T. Tanaka and Tec 5 Kyusel Lee are listed as speakers.

Letter of commendation of superior record and diligence in accomplishing their mission knowing that efforts went largely unknown due to the secrecy of their work.

Letter is signed by Harold E. Enright, 1st, Lieutenant, Signal Corps, Adjunct and…

Pamphlet of Setion Welakahau dated September 8, 1945 with the names of soldiers on the cover. Contents of the pamphlet are short stories, some of which refer back to living in Hawaii. Signatures of soldiers are on the front and back cover of the…

Letter to fellow congregation members in Seattle and other areas. Letter focuses on milestones such as weddings, births, and the congregation's activities, led by a Reverend Anderson. Wounded soldiers are also mentioned. Relocation activities and the…

V-mail with Easter card signed by George Ozaki. Ozima' and Ozaki's Army Serial Numbers are present. Ozima's address is Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, Virginia.

Holiday card, Addressed, "Howdy Shig!" Card text reads: "The Season's Greetings. The United States Army Fores in China Burma India. May the Christ Child make your Christmas happy and may this happiness overflow into the New Year. " Signed "Sincerely,…

Test results with five sections and scores. All ratings were achieved "with distinction" and back of page summarizes the area of knowledge for each section.

Course successfully completed, Bookkeeping and Accounting, No. H55. Lieutenant Colonel and Assistant Lieutenant Colonel signatures. "An official agency of the War and Navy Departments."

Second page includes instructions relating to application of…

Letter from either Masa or Mara discussing the effects of forced removal, including the sale of items, being sent to temporary detention facilities and the sale of businesses. The sales of household items are listed and quantified.

"Dear Shige, This is a short note to say thanks ever so much for the beautiful blue crib blanket for David Grant. It came while Yas was in Cleveland. He's to report for induction tomorrow! We've been lucky to be together for this length of time. He's…

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