Sadamu Koito military records and funeral images

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Sadamu Koito military records and funeral images


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Records of Sadamu Koito's military service and funeral. Koito was a soldier killed in action. According to his grave marker he was a member of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Company K, and was killed in action on October 28, 1944 in France.


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Sadamu Koito dog tag
Dog tag for Sadamu Koito.

Condolence letter from Chamber of Commerce of Honolulu to the family of Sadamu Koito
Letter of condolence to the parents of Sadamu Koito, soldier killed in action. Envelope attached

Leter from J. A. Ulio, Major General, to Mr. Hinaichi Koito, November 15, 1944
Letter of response to Mr. Hinaichi Koito who requested to know more information about circumstances of the death of his son.

Army portrait of Sadamu Koito
portrait of Sadamu Koito with army soft cap

Company photograph, Sadamu Koito
Company photograph, Sadamu Koito possibly included.

Sadamu Koito in military uniform in front of barracks
Soldier Sadumu Koito posing with hands behind his back in front of barracks.

Funeral attendees of Sadamu Koito, soldier killed in action
Mourning family and friends of soldier killed in action, Sadamu Koito. Casket of Koito is covered in flowers, United States flag to the right.

Certificate of recognition, Sadamu Koito, killed in action
Form letter recognizing Sadamu Koito's "devotion and selfless consecration."

Funeral parlor for Sadamu Koito. Man standing in masses of floral arrangements
Likely Sadamu Koito's father standing next to his son's urn and surrounded by flora arrangements.

Sadamu Koito military grave marker
Funeral marker and floral arrangements for soldier killed in action, Sadamu Koito, Company K, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, killed in France on October 28, 1944.

Letter of posthumous award, silver star and circumstances of death of Sadamu Koito.
Notification of Sadamu Koito's awarded a silver star stating the circumstances of his death during military action. Written by Don E. Carleton, Brigadier General.

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