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Henry Ikemoto Collection


Ikemoto, Henry: creator
Ikemoto, Mildred: donor


These photos are from a photo album created by Henry Ikemoto with photos from his time in Korea during the Korean War with the 25th Infantry Division.






468 photographs



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Items in the Henry Ikemoto Collection Collection

Framed photos of Henry and Mildred
Photo of two framed photos of Henry and Mildred Ikemoto

Soldier's best friend = jeep
Photo of Henry in uniform in Korea in front of a jeep. The back reads: This is a little out-of-focus. We were on a trip and one of the boys shot - it was strictly a candid-shot. The composition is good, but would have been better if the camera was…

Shoe-shine in Seoul
Photo of children giving shoe-shines

Tachikawa Air Force Base
Photo of Tachikawa Air Force Base

Over Korea
Photo from plane over Korea

Over Korea to Tokyo
Photo from plane of flight from Korea to Tokyo

Plane no. 4
Photo of sign reading Plane No. 4 with plane in the background

Our plane to Tokyo
Photo of US Air Force plane

544th Company
Photo of a sign for the 544 Company

Tunnel and signs
Blurry photo through a tunnel of some signs

Road to Camp Drake
Photo of a road with a car and bike in the distance

Seoul Air Force Base
Photo of Seoul Air Force Base

Food time
Photo of a table set with food

First Lieutenant
Photo of Turkish first Lieutenant

Photo of Turkish Captain

Visitor from Corps
Photo of soldiers walking around TAFC

MASH operation
Photo of a soldier receiving anesthesia. The back of the picture reads: Toshiko: This is a typical scene in one of our advance Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in Korea. There are about 5 of these. I took this picture with you in mind - the nurse at…

Greek General
Photo of Greek General and Turkish troops

Turkish, UN, and USA flags
Photo of Turkish, United Nations, and USA flags

Henry and another soldier
Color photo of Henry Ikemoto and a Turkish soldier

Photo of Henry in front of army building

Turkish Ordinance Co.
Photo of Turkish Ordinance Co. and officers

Turkish Armed Forces HQ
Photo of Henry and two Turkish Armed forces

Henry and a Turkish officer
Photo of Henry and a Turkish officer

Henry and other soldiers
Photo of Henry Ikemoto and other soldiers. The back of the photo reads: These are some of the people I work with - left to right, Oak (interpreter), me, Cpl Sakamoto, Erdosan (Turk), Kim (interpreter), and Nam (interpreter and driver).

Up in the hill
Photo of Henry in uniform

Hi there!
Photo of Henry Ikemoto in a plain white t-shirt and pants. The back reads: "Hi there, Toshiko - I've got a silly grin on my face, but it's natural, I think. Do you think I've put on some weight? I have! I weigh 165-! Hope i keep all of it! Love…

Food from Masaka
Photo of food, mostly rice

Henry's bed
Diffused photo of Henry's bed with a photo of his wife, Mildred. The back of the photo reads: This is my bed - I have the radio at my head. The flowers are a type of azaleas, according to the dictionary. They're nice purple color - almost like the…

Photo of a tree and a telephone pole

Visitors from corps
Photo of three soldiers

Making a telephone table
Photo of soldiers building a table

Arty Valley Route
Photo of construction

Kansas Line
Photo of view from jeep

Henry and a Lieutenant
Photo of Henry Ikemoto and a Lieutenant (name labelled illegible)

Close up
Close up photo of the ground, caption is a ?

NKPA (North Korea Peoples Army) POW's
Photo of North Korean prisoners of war

Soldiers in front of log cabin
Photo of four soldiers in front of log cabin, labeled as Pak, "Tito", and Kim

Turkish camp
Photo of Turkish army camp

Henry in color
Color photo of Henry sitting by some trees

Prisoner of War
Photo of prisoner of war, caption says "spoke Japanese"

35th Infantry soldiers
Photo of 35th infantry soldiers

Tamura, Wayman, and Omoto
Photo of Tamura, Wayman, and Omoto talking at camp

Mundung-ni Valley
Photo of Mundung-ni Valley

Wayman at Heartbreak Ridge
Photo of Wayman at Heartbreak Ridge

Boys of Company K
Photo of two soldiers digging with shovels at Heartbreak Ridge

Heartbreak Ridge net
Photo of Heartbreak Ridge pass and a net in a tree

Mr. Chae
Photo of Mr. Chae in front of a rock wall at Heartbreak area

Lt. Wayman at Heartbreak Area
Photo of Lt. Wayman sitting with his helmet in his hands at Heartbreak area

"Chogi" boys coming through
Photo of soldiers walking up dirt path at Heartbreak Ridge

"Chogi" boys resting
Soldiers resting at Heartbreak Ridge

Chaplain's jeep
Photo of Chaplain's jeep at Heartbreak Ridge

Heartbreak Ridge
Photo of barricades at Heartbreak Ridge

Entering Mundung-ni Valley
Photo of armed soldiers in jeep entering Mundung-ni valley

Lt. Barret
Photo of Lt. Barret

Infantry Check Point
Photo of a sign next to a jeep stating Infantry Check Point 100 Yards All Vehicles Stop

Skyline and trees
Photo of the skyline with some barren trees

Mountain range
Photo of a mountain range from Punch Bowl Road

Parked jeep
Photo of a jeep parked on Punch Bowl Road

Drilling into a rock
Photo of two soldiers drilling into a rock wall

Photo of a hillside off Punch Bowl Road

Punch Bowl Road
Photo of a dirt road in a forest

Punch Bowl Road - Iddewa Inn
Photo of a log cabin inn

Jeep Accident
Photo of jeeps on a road after an accident

Photo of a soldier in front of the flag pole and the MASH HQ sign

Photo of MASH HQ sign and American flag

Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH)
Photo of a sign for the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH)

Lightning Air Strip
Photo of the Army Aviation area

25th Division area
Photo of 25th Division soldiers walking around camp

Fogg and a spoon
Photo of Fogg with another soldier pretending to spoon-feed him

Henry at a table
Photo of Henry Ikemoto sitting at a table with other soldiers

25th Division soldier
Photo of a 25th Infantry Division soldier

Two soldiers in a jeep
Photo of two soldiers in a jeep

Jack from the 25th Division
Photo of Jack from the 25th Division

Capt. Sterle squatting in the desert
Photo of Capt. Sterle squatting in the desert in Lightning IPW

Sato, Tamichi, and Kanemoto
Photo of three soldiers cooking, labeled as Sato (Honolulu), Tamichi (Honolulu), and Kanemoto (Florin)

Lt. Beville
Photo of a Lieutenant Beville in front of a fence

Capt. Sterle reading
Photo of Capt. Sterle reading in his shorts

Interrogation of P.O.W.
Photo of a prisoner of war being interrogated

Capt. Sterle
Photo of Capt. Sterle writing

Capt. Fogg
Photo of Capt. Fogg reading a paper

Captain and Turkish soldier
Photo of a Captain and soldier posing in front of a jeep

821st QM Bath
Photo of a sign for a troop shower area

Captain in the snow
Photo of the Turkish captain

Turkish officers
Photo of two Turkish officers

Turkish Lieutenant
Photo of a Turkish Lieutenant posing in front of the army jeeps

Very cold
Photo of two soldiers bundled up in an army jeep

Two soldiers in the cold
Photo of two soldiers, one Turkish, posing in front of the line of jeeps

G-2 Boy-san
Photo of a soldier in a big parka leaning on a jeep

Going up
Photo of a trail going up a mountain

Ethiopian and Turkish officers
Ethiopian and Turkish officers posing together

Ethiopian officers came to look over reserve area
Photo of Ethipian officers posing in front of tents

Officers going to the mess hall
Officers finishing their cigarettes before going into the Officers Mess

Waiting for food
Photo of soldiers holding bowls waiting for food outside the mess hall

Photo of soldiers lined up to get food

25th Division Troops
Photo of 25th Division troops

25th Infantry Division
Photo of soldiers looking at the 25th Infantry Division's information board

Plane leaving
Photo of a plane taking off

Plane ready to go
Photo of a plane waiting to go

Plane in Chuncheon
Photo of a plane on the ground in Chuncheon with its propellers spinning

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