Walter Tadao Oka Collection

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Walter Tadao Oka Collection


Oka, Walter Tadao: creator
Oka, Walter Tadao: donor


Photographs of Walter Tadao Oka's time serving as an interpreter in Occupied Japan.






199 images



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Items in the Walter Tadao Oka Collection Collection

Walter Oka's Temporary Blue Pass
Scan of Walter Oka's temporary blue pass given by the 35th Infantry Regiment

Walter Oka Permanent Curfew Pass 35th Infantry Regiment
Scan of Walter Tadao Oka's Permanent Curfew Pass from the 35th Infantry Regiment given on 09/10/1948

Village through some trees
Photo of a small village by the sea

Soldiers and a family in a park
Photo of soldiers and a family sitting in a park

Walter Oka in front of a lake
Photo of Walter Tadao Oka posing in front of a lake

Soldiers at base
Photo of soldiers sitting on a dirt path at a base

Anaglyph photo of soldiers on a boat
Photograph of soldiers sitting on a boat. The photograph has some sort of glitch that makes it appear anaglyph (3D)

Lakeside village
Photo of a village by the lake and mountain

Japanese lake
Photo of soldiers sitting on top of roof of boat on a lake with mountains and a village in the background

Soldiers on a boat
Photo of soldiers sitting around on a boat

Soldiers in front of mountain
Photo of soldiers sitting in a line, some looking at the camera

Soldiers standing on a dock
Photo of soldiers lounging and talking on a foggy dock

Brick building with cars parked
Photo of a brick building with cars parked in front of it

Brick building
Photo of a brick building surrounded by trees

Seaside village
Photo of a small village near a lake with mountains in the background

Out of focus lake
Unblurry photograph of a lake with buildings along the way

Blurry village
Photo of a blurry village by the lake

Photo of a rocky riverbed

Railroad by the river
Photo of a railroad running alongside a river

Rushing river
Photo of a rushing river surrounded by trees and rocks

Large temple
Photo of large temple with people walking in and out

Nara pond
Photo of a pond and building at Nara

Woman with umbrella at Nara
Photo of a woman with an umbrella at Nara park

Nara park
Photo of Nara park

Nara deer
Photo of three deer at Nara Park

Blurry photo of a river with a bridge in the background

Temple entrance
Photo of the entrance to a temple

Woman with paper umbrella
Photo of a woman holding a paper umbrella in front of a lake

Two women at a temple
Photo of two Japanese women outside a temple

Temple across a lake
Photo of a temple across a lake

Pagoda temple surrounded by trees
Photo of a pagoda temple in Japan surrounded by trees

Temple grounds
Photo of temple grounds

Temple park entrance
Photo of the park entrance at a temple

Soldier in front of temple
Photo of a soldier posing i front of a pagoda temple

Pagoda Temple
Photo of a pagoda temple in Japan

Photo of a temple in Japan

Photo of soldiers walking around a fountain

Kyoto, Japan
Photo of a city street in Kyoto, Japan

Nara in daytime
Photo of people walking around Nara

Crosswalk in Nara
Photo of a busy crosswalk in Nara

City street in Nara
Aerial photo of a city street in Nara, Japan

Two soldiers in front of shrine
Photo of two soldiers posing in front of a shrine

Walter at a shrine
Photo of Walter posing in front of a Japanese shrine

Railroad tracks
Photo of railroad tracks with a lake in the background

Photo of railroad tracks

Seaside railroad
Photo of a railroad beside the sea

Cherry blossom tree
Photo of a cherry blossom tree in bloom

Traditional Japanese town
Photo of riverside traditional Japanese village

Hario Detachment 34th Infantry
Photo of Walter Oka posing in front of Hario Detachment 34th Infantry sign

Walter sitting on a jeep
Photo of Walter Tadao Oka sitting on the top of a jeep

Walter Oka and three other soldiers
Photo of four soldiers posing in uniform

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