Noboru Kagawa oral history interview, June 27, 1998

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Noboru Kagawa oral history interview, June 27, 1998


Kagawa, Noboru: narrator
Yahata, Craig: interviewer
Go For Broke National Education Center: publisher


Content relating to the oral history interview of Noboru Kagawa including biographical data, oral history interview video files and a transcription of the interview.


Go For Broke National Education Center



Items in the Noboru Kagawa oral history interview, June 27, 1998 Collection

Kagawa discusses family, his early childhood and adolescence experiences in Gardena, California, his family's "voluntary evacuation" to Rexburg, Idaho, the Bombing of Pearl Harbor, third person accounts of incarceration camps and a visit to the…

Kagawa discusses his first impressions of Camp Shelby, visiting Rohwer Concentration Camp, his brother's military experience, his boot camp experiences and the influences of cultural traditions on attitudes towards military service. He also discusses…

Kagawa discusses combat experiences including the Po Valley Campaign, recognizing German soldiers as individuals, "Ohio Mountain," capturing towns, and his feelings about taking a life. He also discusses his charge of bringing home the 442nd…

Kagawa discusses returning home on the Wilson Victory, treatment of Hawaiian soldiers in California, current social climates reflective of discrimination and prejudice, his communicating home while in the war, post-war treatment of Japanese American…

Kagawa shows and discusses photographs from his album during the war and upon returning to the United States.

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